RNA-SEQ NGS Data Analysis Workshop

Essential informatics skills and knowledge to begin analysing next generation sequencing data.

Next generation sequencing has become a vital tool in transcriptomics analysis. It is increasingly important for experimental scientists to gain the bioinformatics skills required to assess and analyse the large volumes of sequencing data produced by next generation sequencers.

This next generation sequencing bioinformatics course aims to equip participants with the critical informatics skills and knowledge required to begin analysing next generation sequencing data and carry out some of the most common types of analysis. The workshop will cover the fundamental theory and principles of RNA-seq analysis, with a focus on practical computational sessions using DESeq2 techniques and tools applicable to any species or sample size. Accompanying the lecture and practical sessions will be a series of seminars by our instructor, who will highlight their working experience in the applications of next generation sequencing.

Come and join us in the Bioinformatics Workshop at UMBI Bioinformatics Room on 12-14 November 2018.

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