Cancer Genome Research in Malaysia

Cancer Genome Research in Malaysia

By: Prof. Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal

On 31st May 2021, Prof. Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal was invited to a conference to share his thoughts on the cancer genome research in Malaysia focuses on capabilities, challenges, and opportunities.

It is well acknowledged that cancer genomics is transforming oncology practices both locally and globally as well as act as the key enabler for precision oncology. In this session, he also shares some recent projects for cancer genome research. This includes ‘WGS of 50 colorectal cancer cases: Largest series locally’, ‘A prediction panel for colorectal cancer: Using the microarray approach’, ‘Whole exome sequencing: Identifying druggable mutations in endometrial cancer’, ‘Methylation analysis of colorectal cancer: Tumor versus normal tissues’ and ‘WGS of 3 AML patients at diagnosis, remission, and relapse: Identification of relapse-related genes’.

In conclusion, Prof. Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal states that there are good capabilities and resources in cancer genome research in Malaysia. Furthermore, a large-scale collection of datasets is needed while addressing all the challenges in cancer genome research and the evidence to facilitate NGS adoption into clinical practice. Moreover, he also highlights the importance of capacity building, sustainable funding, and opportunities for local and international collaboration.

Edit by: Mohd Arman bin Kamaruddin