Cancer Genomics team UMBI concluded another successful event

On the 28 – 29 of August 2019, UMBI collaborated with Qiagen to hold a UMBI-QIAGEN REAL-TIME PCR WORKSHOP – GENE EXPRESSION ANALYSIS. Focusing on more hands-on training instead of simply lectures and theories, this workshop aimed to support research in Molecular Medicine, especially for the local scientists. Our event attracted participants from all over Malaysia, and become an international workshop by attracting participant from our neighbouring country – Indonesia. Covering the basic principals of qPCR and its application in research, this workshop comprised of 5 hands-on laboratory sessions, which include cDNA synthesis, gradient qPCR, standard curve experiment to determine primer efficiency, relative qPCR experiment, and concluded by data analysis session. All of the participants were divided into 5 groups, and each group was led by our fun, friendly and knowledgeable facilitators. Each group only had 3-4 participants – this small group setting enabled each participant to have personalised, intimate training sessions with the facilitators.
We sincerely hope that all of the participants benefited from the event. Our utmost appreciation also goes to Qiagen for supporting and sponsoring the event, as well as to all the participants for attending our workshop. 

For more photos and videos of the event, please visit the link below:
The participants’ support means a lot to us. We look forward to another successful event in the future.
Till we meet again!


On behalf of the team:
Dr.  Syakima
Chairman of Organising Committee