UMBI’s 1st CEO Talk was held on Friday, 14th Dec 2018 in the UMBI Auditorium. We were very happy to have Miss Lai Soo Wah, the CEO of Next Gene Scientific Sdn. Bhd. to share with us her experience as a successful entrepreneur.

She co-founded Next Gene Scientific Sdn. Bhd., a life science (molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, protein and molecular diagnostics) solution provider in 2008. Miss Lai has vast experience in managing a distribution company, handling world-renowned brands such as Qiagen, Agilent, New England Biolabs, Lonza, STEMCELL Technologies, Thermo Microbiology, Merck, and many more. She is familiar with the Malaysian life science research environment and follows closely the current trends and needs in the country.

During her talk, Miss Lai shared with us the six vital keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur:

1) to discover and evaluate our entrepreneurial spirit;

2) to identify problems and ideas;

3) to decide on a suitable business model;

4) to conduct market research and concept testing;

5) to develop a business plan; and

6) to scale up and accelerate our business.

She also shared her experience in overcoming challenges in running her business. In closing, she shares her criteria for staff recruitment: candidates must be creative, have the spirit to persevere, are responsible members of the team and possess effective communication skills.