Congratulations: International Grant

Congratulations to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neoh Hui-min and Dr. Nor Azila Muhammad Azami on successfully securing an international research grant (the General Joint Research of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University) for a project titled “Genetic diversity of dengue virus and associated clinical severity among dengue patients”.

The Institute of Tropical Medicine Nagasaki University (NEKKEN) is developing activities in cooperation with related organizations in the areas of field research, international contribution, and education with the following comprehensive objectives in mind:

1) Lead research in tropical medicine and international health;

2) International contributions to the prevention of tropical diseases, and health promotion through the application of the research results; and

3) Training of researchers and professionals.

The General Joint Research grant is to fund basic and applied research projects for tropical disease and emerging infectious diseases (including the field of global health) that allow the grant recipient to come to NEKKEN to perform the research. In principle, a maximum of one million yen (1,000,000) will be allocated to applications for the oversea joint research. However, the allocated amount may be reduced depending on the research plan.