Congratulations Dr. Ezanee Azlina for the KBCF International Scholarship!

UMBI research fellow Dr. Ezanee Azlina Mohamad Hanif is among the 10 recipients of the KBCF International Scholarship (worths 1000 USD) for the Global Breast Cancer Conference (GBCC 2020). The conference will be held at the Walkerhill Seoul Korea in April 2020.  Dr. Ezanee submitted an abstract related to breast cancer research looking into specifically triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and how epigenetic modifying enzymes drives chemoresistance in TNBCs. In her research, she was utilising the Nanostring Progression Panel and will showcase the mechanisms involved when the TNBC cells were manipulated with epigenetic enzymes. She observed interesting associations of the epigenetic enzyme and TGFB displaying distinct functional outcomes across its isoforms in vitro. We wish Dr. Ezanee the best for her upcoming conference and future undertakings! Congratulations on a job well done, Dr. Ez!