CRISPR Gene Editing Workshop 2019

UMBI has successfully organized a ”CRISPR-mediated gene editing in human cell lines 2019” on the 18th-20th November 2019. This workshop was led by our own UMBI ”CRISPR Guys” – Dr Aiman and Dr Fendi – who had experience with this technology during their PhD studies. The workshop was tailored to give an overall overview combined with several hands-on laboratory techniques on the state-of-the-art of CRISPR gene editing technology. The workshop comprehensively covered several important background and principle aspects of this CRISPR technology; from its initial discovery as part of the adaptive bacteria immune response, gene targeting repurposing in eukaryotic cells up to its current established applications and advancements especially in the field of molecular biology and medical sciences. The workshop main focus was on the CRISPR-Cas9 approach for knocking out genes but also introduced the CRISPRi and CRISPRa techniques, the rapidly emerging applications of this CRISPR technology, for genes inhibition and activation purposes, respectively.

The participants were divided into a small group and had several hands-on such as designing the sgRNAs, learning how to deliver vector plasmids into the cells, validating gene editing efficiency and isolating positively edited CRISPR clones. We hope that the participants enjoyed the workshop and can start their CRISPR experiment on their own. Special thanks to our co-organizer from Biomed Global and Next Gene Scientific for making this event successful.

For more photos a of the event, please visit the link below: CRISPR Gene Editing Workshop 2019

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