Discover the Power of Real-time, Live Cell Metabolism Analysis

Move beyond analyzing what your cells are,and reveal a clearer picture of what they do. With over 20,000 genes, 200,000 proteins and thousands of pathways, you can’t measure everything in a cell at once, but you can measure what provides the energy that drives them—metabolism. Seahorse Bioscience uses label-free technology to detect discrete changes in cell bioenergetics in real-time, providing a window into the critical functions driving cell signaling, proliferation, activation, toxicity and biosynthesis.

In this talk attendees will:

  • understand how the Seahorse Bioscience technology works
  • learn about its application and how it could be applied to your research
  • see how it is impacting various fields of research

9th JAN 2018 (Tue), 9.30AM
Seminar Room Level 5, UMBI


Chin Chieh LOH (JJ)
Product Specialist, Cell Analysis (Seahorse XF),
Agilent Technologies Singapore


Download flyer here