Dr. Chin Siok Fong, UMBI Deputy Director (Academic and International Affairs) (2019-2022)

Dr. Chin Siok Fong has been appointed as UMBI’s Deputy Director (Academic and International Affairs) from 15th February 2019 until 14th February 2022. Congratulations!

Dr. Chin obtained her PhD from University Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2011, and joined UMBI from 2012 as a research fellow. At the same time she is also involved in research carried out at MyCRO Sdn. Bhd., a contract research organization offering services in bioanalytical services. With her vast experience in biochemistry, she has conducted bioanalytical method development and validation for various analytes, and is an integral scientist for UMBI’s gut microbiome and cancer proteomics research. Dr. Chin is also experienced in conducting human intervention trials and bioequivalence studies.

Dr. Chin was UMBI’s Chief Technical Officer from 2014-2015. She later served as our Graduate Programme Coordinator from 2016-2018, and was the main driver in the development of our CITRA: DNA for Community (JJJJ62010) course. She has also served as lead and technical auditors for MS/IEC ISO 17025 and MS/IEC ISO 9001.

We wish Dr. Chin the best on her appointment and tenure as Deputy Director. Congratulations from all UMBIans!