Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Workshop with Flowjo V10

On the 12th September 2019, UMBI collaborated with BD Biosciences and BioMed Global in organizing a Flow cytometry Data Analysis Workshop with Flowjo v10. The workshop is designed to cater the existing flow cytometer users. The aim of the workshop is to improve flow cytometry data analysis to a standard which allows the participants to publish at high impact journals. We successfully covered the areas of experimental design, controls, experimental setup, compensation, plots, gates, statistics, visualizing data, identifying the population, gating strategies and multicolor immunophenotyping assay. 15 participants who attended the workshop had hands-on experience in analyzing some sets of data using the Flow Jo V10 with a step by step guidance from facilitators. We were happy to receive positive feedbacks from most participants. We like to thank our main sponsor BD Biosciences and BioMed global for supporting and sponsoring the event.