UMBI-QIAGEN Joint Seminar on RNA Universe attracted more than 100 Participants

On the 29 th of November 2018, UMBI collaborated with Qiagen Biotechnology Sdn Bhd to hold a
sharing seminar on the RNA Universe. This seminar attracted more than 100 participants from all
over Malaysia including other public and private higher education institutions, hospitals and
companies. This initiative resulted in a ~RM8000 endowment to UMBI.

Three speakers from UMBI and three speakers from Qiagen presented their findings and knowledge
during the seminar. The seminar started with Dr Chun Wei from Qiagen Malaysia, where he
introduced the basic knowledge on the RNA universe and how Qiagen can help researchers in
various areas. This followed by a lecture from Dr Nadiah, an UMBI research fellow where she shared
about the background on exosomes and what is currently being done in UMBI regarding exosomes.
After the morning break, the seminar continued with lectures from Dr. Tan Shing Cheng, an UMBI
research fellow where he shared on the literature of miRNA research in cancer. Then, Don Lee, the
QIAGEN APAC Marketing Director talked about the applications of LNA technology in miRNA
research. Afterwards, Dr Nurul Syakima, UMBI’s research fellow shared on some of the previous and
current work being done in UMBI related to miRNA research. The seminar ended with a talk by Dr.
Norlizan, QIAGEN Associate Market Development Manager, APEC. Dr. Norlizan gave a talk on
Qiagen’s solution for NGS research.

After each of the sessions, the speakers asked two questions to the audience and the winners are
able to redeem a free KFC voucher. Overall the event was a success, and we hoped that everyone
benefited from the event. Lastly, we would like to thank Qiagen for supporting and sponsoring the
event, as well as to all the participants for coming to this event.

For photos of the event, please visit the link below:-

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