UMBI researchers secured MRC: UK-Malaysia Grants

UMBI researchers have successfully secured two international research grants from the prestigious MRC: UK-Malaysia Joint Partnership on Non-Communicable Diseases.

The first research project, headed by our Principal Research Fellow, Prof. Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal, is in collaboration with the University of Dundee. The project focuses on precision medicine for diabetic individuals. A total of RM996,200.00 is approved for the Malaysian side, while the UK side receives RM816,610.43.

The second research project, headed by Dr. Nor Azian Abdul Murad (our Research Fellow, who is also the Director of UMBI), is in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The project involves an imaging study of 6,000 adults in The Malaysian Cohort project and focuses on obesity and non-communicable diseases in Malaysia. The Malaysian side receives RM994,000.00 for the project, whereas the UK side receives RM932.524.24.

Congratulations to the grant recipients and their research teams!