Vacancies For Post Doctoral Position

A Covid-19 patients’ Cohort: Genetic variants and other host risk factors associated with severity of infection and long-term complications (COV-GEN)


1.Candidates must have obtained a PhD (Medical Sciences, Molecular Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Genetics) within the last 5 years from accredited universities with proficient English.

2.Candidates must have hands-on experience in basic molecular biology techniques such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR, next generation sequencing and microarray.

3.Candidates must also have at least 4 articles within the last 3 years (2018 onwards). These articles must be published in Web of Science-indexed journals

4.Knowledge and skills in bioinformatics will be an advantage


Interested candidates can send the CV and cover letter to:, or   

Application Deadline: 31th July 2021