Join us at the 6th Regional Conference on Molecular Medicine 23rd-25th October 2015: Hot topics and top international and local speakers!

UMBI is organising the 6th RCMM in conjunction with the 2nd National Conference for Cancer Research on the 23-25 October 2015 at the Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur. We have a list of outstanding local and international speakers covering topics on cancers and molecular medicine. Let me highlight some of the international speakers and the topics which they will present.

Professor Dr. Rodney Scott is an internationally recognised leader in cancer genetics. He is currently the head for the discipline of Medical Genetics at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He will be presenting a plenary lecture titled ‘Utility of next generation sequencing in non-communicable diseases’. He will also present 2 symposium lectures on ‘Molecular features of triple negative breast cancer’ and ‘Usefulness of personal genome sequencing’.

Professor Dr. Chia Kee Seng is the dean of the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore and Director of the Centre for Molecular Epidemiology. He will be presenting a plenary lecture on ‘Forecasting the burden of NCDs: What lies ahead for the Asian countries’ and a symposium lectures titled ‘Susceptibility loci for breast cancer: Implications for screening and diagnosis’.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Syed Mohammed Al-Junid is a professor of Health Economics from the Faculty of Medicine, UKM. He will be presenting a plenary lecture titled ‘Economics of non-communicable diseases: Can afford to provide universal coverage?’

Professor Dato’ Dr. Khalid Kadir is a leading and senior consultant endocrinologist and is the former dean of the Faculty of Medicine UKM. He is currently a professor of medicine and endocrinology at the Monash University Sunway. He will be presenting a plenary lecture titled ‘The rising prevalence of Type 2 diabetes: Where did we go wrong?’

Dr. Richard Scott is the Clinical Lead for Rare Disease at Genomics England where he works with the scientific and NHS clinical communities to maximise the output of the 100,000 Genomes Project in England. He is a consultant in clinical genetics at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. He will give titled ‘The 100000-Genomes initiative in England’.

Dr. Alex Dickinson is the Senior Vice President of Illumina Inc. who is in charge of strategic initiatives. Illumina is currently the leader in terms of the platforms for next generation sequencing. Their later HiSeq X is capable of sequencing a whole human genome at only USD1000. He will give a plenary lecture titled ‘The need for population based genome sequencing’.

Professor Dr. Kentaro Sugano is a professor of medicine and gastroenterology at the National University of Tokyo, Japan. He will be presenting a lecture titled ‘Inflammation and gastric cancers’.

Associate Professor Dr. Roger Foo is a senior consultant at the National University Heart Centre, Singapore and a principal investigator at the Cardiovascular Research Institute as well as a senior investigator at the Genome Institute of Singapore. He will be presenting a lecture on the ‘Cardiac risk markers’ in the symposium on Advances on Molecular Diagnostics.

There will also be many outstanding local speakers presenting topics on cancers and molecular medicine. To all post-graduate students, researchers, scientists, clinicians, doctors in public health and health sciences – come and join us at this conference! Please visit our website for details on registration:


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