UMBI Guest Lecture – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Soo Yong: ‘Monomorphic Epitheliotropic Intestinal T-cell Lymphoma (MEITL): Definition of a Disease and Mutational Landscape’

Poster Syarahan Jemputan UMBI - Dr Tan Soo Yong


UMBI offers analytical services on various genomics and proteomic platforms.UMBI also provide Bioinformatic Services for micro-array data, micro-RNA data, methlation, SNPs and CNV data analysis.
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My Views

Meeting the challenges ahead in 2016

This year is predicted to be a tough one for many institutions especially with the budget cut. On top of that each institution has been asked to raise 25% of the budget for its operational expenses. Read more...

Don’t let organisational culture eat your institutional strategy for lunch!

Strategy is the buzz word nowadays in the university. In the business world, companies invest millions of dollars and also spend months conducting brainstorming sessions to come up with the best strategies. Read more..
By : Professor Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal

Postgraduate News

Robe wearing ceremony for UMBI graduates

DSC_0907Read More..

Application for 5 Research Assistants for UMBI

UMBI is looking for 5 potential candidates for the position as Research Assistant who have interest to pursue postgraduate study (Master & PhD) in Molecular Medicine. Read More..

Voices From The Lab

Who Moved My Cheese? – Accepting Changes Positively
By: Ryia Illani Mohd Yunos


Does Being A Good Cook Makes One A Better Scientist?
By: Dr. Nor Adzimah Johdi (Research Fellow DS51)

One of the things that I really enjoy besides science is cooking. Well, one would argue that there is also..  Read More..

Multitasking: A Value Added Skill
By: Mohd Raziff Alias (Senior Scientific Officer C44)

The public service has certainly changed with times. The role and duties of civil servants have also changed with new policies..  Read More..


ISO News

Quality Management In UMBI
The Quality Management Unit was established in 2007 and is spearheaded by the Head of Quality Management. The main focus.. Read More..

Relocation Assessment Of UMBI Accredited Laboratories By Standards Malaysia
Due to the relocation of UMBI to its new building, Standards Malaysia came to audit the 2 accredited laboratories of UMBI.. Read More..

UMBI’s Health Tips

3 key facts about red meat consumption and cancer

Red meat includes beef, lamb and pork. Poultry including chicken does not come under the red meat category.  Read More..

Bahasa Melayu Section

Penyeliaan yang berkesan: Dari lensa seorang kakitangan
Tugas menyelia bukanlah suatu perkara yang mudah apatah lagi sekiranya seseorang penyelia itu tidak mempunyai pengetahuan atau kemahiran dalam pekerjaan.. Read More..

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