UCR2017: Race Info


  1. This is an event organised by UMBI as part of our corporate social responsibility in assisting the less fortunate.
  2. To encourage healthy lifestyles through sports and recreation.
  3. To create awareness on cancer research among the various stakeholders.


  1. Date: 7 May 2017 (Sunday)
  2. Venue (Start & Finish): Dataran Panggung Seni, UKM, Bangi, Selangor
  3. Categories:

AMen's Open 10 km16 & AboveOpen
BWomen's Open 10 kmOpen
CFun Run 5 km10 & AboveOpen

For participants below the age of 16 years old, a parent/guardian’s approval is required. Please submit approved consent form upon registration. Click here for consent form.
  1. Flag Off Time:

AMen's Open 10 km7.00 am
BWomen's Open 10 km
CFun Run 5 km7.15 am
  1. Race Completion Estimation (average):
  • 10km – 3 hours
  • 5km – 2 hours
  1. Registration Period: 25th of January 2017 – 1st April 2017
  • Registration and payment can be completed online at our official website (www.ukm.my/umbi).
  • This event is limited to 1000 participants only.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to close entry before the deadline without prior notice.
  1. Entry fees:

AMen's Open 10 kmRM 63 (Malaysians)
RM 90 (Non-Malaysians)
RM 70 (Malaysians)
RM 100 (Non-Malaysians)
BWomen's Open 10 km
CFun Run 5 kmRM 45RM 50

*The fees above are inclusive of GST and other online charges.
  1. Route Map:

10 KM

5 KM

  1. Kilometer Markers: Each kilometer will be clearly marked on the route.
  1. Water Stations: There will be three water stations on course, at approximately 3.25km, 5.25km and 8km. Water will be provided in paper cups and be mindful of other runners when disposing off your cup. If you do not plan to take the water, please keep to the opposite side of the road to allow other runners through.
  1. Water Cup Disposal: Please dispose your water cup into the dedicated bins located after each drinks station. This will prevent people from tripping over discarded cups on the course.
  1. Baggage Drop: A tent will be made available as bag drop area. Please proceed to the baggage tent to get your bag tagged and deposited.
  1. Toilets: There will be toilet facilities positioned close to the baggage area; please use these facilities before proceeding to the start line.
  1. Mosque: Masjid UKM is available for muslim participants to perform prayer.
  1. Awards:

Men's Open 10 kmRM 500 + TrophyRM 400 + TrophyRM 300 + Trophy
Women's Open 10 km
Fun Run
(Best Costume)
Mystery Prizes

Awards ceremony will start at 9.00am.
  1. Lucky Draw: All participants are eligible for the lucky draw. The draw call out will start at 9.30am after the awards ceremony.
  1. Free basic health screening: During the race kit collection and race event day. The details as below:

  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Glucose Level
  • Blood Group
  • BMI
  • Dental Examination
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Running Clinic and Fitness Test
  1. Runner’s entitlement.

Race T-Shirt
Personalized Bib Number
Timing Chip
Finisher's Medal
Certificate of Participant
Goodies Bag
Post-race Light Breakfast
Basic Health Screening
  1. Event T-shirt:

Cutting StyleSize/LengthHaf Chest Length (Inches)Half Waist Length (Inches)Shirt Length (Inches)
Unisex Athlete-Fit2XS17"17"24"
Unisex Athlete-FitXS18"18"25"
Unisex Athlete-FitS19"19"26"
Unisex Athlete-FitM20"20"27"
Unisex Athlete-FitL21"21"28"
Unisex Athlete-FitXL22"22"29"
Unisex Athlete-Fit2XL23"23"30"

All measurement above subject to +/- 0.5 tolerance.

  • Tapered curve bottom at the back specially designed for athletic movements, enhancing flexibility and performance.
  • Half chest to be measured from left to right seam, 1″ down from the armpit joint.
  • Half waist to be measured from left to right seam on the waist line.
  • Shirt length to be measured from the highest tip of the shoulder to the bottom hem.
  1. Event Medal:

  1. Post-race Light Breakfast: A light breakfast will be given together with goodies bag to all participants after completion of the race at Goodies Bag tent.

  1. Race Information: We have volunteers helping at Dataran Panggung Seni. Look out for them wearing crew t-shirts for any questions and assistance.
  1. Photography: Our photographer friends will be positioned along the route and at the finish line to catch your moment of glory! Be sure to give them a wave or thumbs up!
  1. Course Marshals: Course Marshals, wearing crew t-shirts, will be positioned at regular intervals along the route and at key junctions and turning points. The marshals will be on radios and able to call for support for runners.
  1. First Aid: The medical tent is located shortly after the finish line. Professional medical staff will be available here, as well as on the course. Medical staff will also be located at each of the drinks stations, should runners face difficulty. In the event of an emergency, runners will be asked to move to the side of the road to allow access for an emergency vehicle. Please follow any instructions given by the Course Marshals, at all times.
  1. We advise that you do not run if you are unwell on the event day, have an injury or are not comfortable running at least 6 kilometers.
  1. Any changes and latest information will be announced at our official website.
  1. Collection details for the runner’s kit:

29 April 2017
9.00 am - 5.00 pmMain Lobby
Institut Perubatan Molekul UKM (UMBI)
Pusat Perubatan UKM (PPUKM), Jalan Yaacob Latif
Bandar Tun Razak, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
30 April 2017
Required documents for the collection:
1. Registration confirmation slip / Receipt of Purchase
2. NRIC for verification purpose
3. List of other participants and their NRIC Numbers, and the NRIC of the person who is collecting on behalf of them (for bulk/group collection *)
* For bulk / group collection for five runners and above, group leaders will be required to email the list of runners in the provided form to run.umbi@gmail.com latest by 21 April 2017.
4. Approved consent form for those below 16 years old



  1. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete application details.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other records of the event for any legitimate purposes, including commercial advertising.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to limit and refuse entries/applications without assigning any reasons thereof.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof, by displaying at any means of communication that may be deemed appropriate by the organisers.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to change the event date or venue at their own discretion.


  1. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or postpone this event, at any time without prior notice to the participants, in which they will make an effort to inform the participants prior to the date of the event. If the event is cancelled or postponed in the event of natural disaster, there shall be no refund of the paid registration fees and the organiser shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused as well as for any legal action.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to limit and refuse entries without assigning any reasons thereof and the organiser shall not be held responsible for any dispute arising from incomplete entry details.
  3. Participants below 16 years of age must seek parental or guardian consent before participating in the event. The form is available from the website and must be completed and signed and presented during the registration.


  1. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the race routes as they deem fit for the safety of the participants and/or to prevent any potential hazards in the running of the event, at any time without prior notice to the participant. The Organiser shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused due to such changes.
  2. The race is open to all Malaysians and Non-Malaysians. For non-Malaysian, legal permit, visa or passport must be shown upon request.
  3. Participants must wear their assigned number bib on his/her chest at all times during the race. Failure to do so, the participants without the allocated bib number will be disqualified from the race.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to delay the commencement of the run in the event of inclement weather. Should the inclement weather persist after the delay, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the race without refund of the registration fees.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to change any winners if he/she is found to be disqualified due to failure of abiding the rules.
  6. Participants who do not start within 30 minutes from their respective flag off point will be disqualified and for safety reasons, may not be allowed to start.
  7. No pets or any form of wheel-run objects of transport e.g. Inline skate, shoes with built-in or attached rollers is allowed on the course during the race except the officials’ and medical vehicles. – if parents participate for fun run, participants may push baby strollers when running. –clause for parents in fun run.
  8. While luggage deposit services are provided on the race day, the organiser will not be held responsible for any loss and/or damage, personal or otherwise, to the belongings and items deposited.


  1. The Organiser will ensure that all key aspects of the race and event will be safe for the runners, crews and volunteers. However, in the event of any damages due to runner’s responsibility’s such as personal injury that either resulting fatality or not or loss of personal’s property during the event, the organiser will not be liable for any legal action or compensational demands.
  2. Whilst reasonable precautions above will be taken by the organiser to ensure the safety of participants, the organiser, their sponsor and their appointed officials shall not be liable for any death or injury, loss or damages due to runner’s responsibility.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to remove any participant deemed physically incapable of continuing with the run to prevent him/her from causing greater harm and injury to himself/herself.
  4. The participants are strongly encouraged to go for a medical examination and/or consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the actual race day.
  5. For the safety of participants, participants are advised to run on the designated route and observe traffic regulations.