Heartiest congratulations to UMBI Director, Prof Datuk Dr A Rahman A Jamal: Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM)

We would like to convey our heartiest congratulations to our Director, Prof Datuk A Rahman A Jamal for being elected to be a Fellow of the prestigious Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) on 22 April 2017. It is certainly a well-deserved recognition for Prof Datuk, who is an esteemed esteemed researcher, clinician and one of the key drivers of molecular medicine research in the nation.

An icon in driving life sciences and molecular medicine research in Malaysia, Prof Datuk’s name is synonymous with numerous national research initiatives, including The Malaysian Cohort (TMC) project, the ANGKASAWAN program, The Cancer Genome Atlas Malaysia (TCGA-My) and the Malaysian Cancer Epigenome Consortium. He is a pioneer researcher and strong advocate for personalized and precision medicine in Malaysia.

Prof Datuk Rahman sits in a good number of national committees including being the chairman of the National Committee for Ethics for Stem Cell Research and Therapy. He is a member of the National Committee for Thalassaemia Registry (Ministry of Health) and also the National Committee for Clinical Research which is the national body and committee for setting policies and directions for clinical research. Prof Datuk is also Project Director for the Hospital Kanak-Kanak Permata UKM (HKKP-UKM), which will be an iconic centre of excellence for the treatment of paediatric cases, for the training of doctors and specialists, and also for research in childhood diseases. The full profile on Prof Datuk can be accessed here.

We strongly believe the election of Prof Datuk as an ASM Fellow will definitely bring promotion and literacy of science and technology in Malaysia to the next level, and also enable scientific research in the nation to scale to greater heights. Our heartfelt congratulations to Prof Datuk again, and we wish him the very best in all his endeavours.