Real Time PCR Workshop

The workshop is designed for users who are new to real time quantitative PCR (qPCR), but all users are welcome. User will experience extracting RNA from blood and cells, performing RNA QC, converting RNA to cDNA, optimizing a qPCR reaction, assessing primers efficiency and determining expression level of their genes of interest. Clients will gain experience using DNA binding dyes chemistries. Lectures will include an overview of RNA extraction, gene expression, assay design and optimization, template preparation, analysis of results, additional applications of real-time PCR technology, and many more. Data analysis and simple statistical test will be included and will produce publication-ready figures. Some previous experience using standard PCR or real time PCR is helpful but not necessary for workshop attendees.


  1. To give participants a combination of lecture and hands-on laboratory experience using qPCR methods
  2. To expose and introduce a basic concept of qPCR and the analysis involved
  3. To provide the fundamentals of cDNA synthesis, quality controls in qPCR
  4. To promote awareness of application of qPCR in research

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