Jabatan Anatomi Fakulti Perubatan

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia



The Department of Anatomy is one of the PTJs that is actively conducts income generation activities in response to the plea in empowering the university's wealth and generation. These activities have started in the department since 2016.

Such income generated activities in the department include academic visits to the Museum of Anatomy, specimens loan, histological slides and the use of dissection hall. These activities are done based on the needs of teaching and learning.



  1. Professor Dr. Norzana Abd. Ghafar


2. Professor Dr Srijit Das


1Prof. Dr Norzana Abd GhafarExcellent Lecturer (Pre-Clinical)3 July 2020
2Prof. Dr Srijit DasFellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh15 Jan 2020
3Prof. Dr Srijit DasYoung Investigator Award PSE/Pierre Fabre Awards di PSE Young Scientists’ Meeting, Lille, France28 Jun – 1 Jul 2017
4Dr Teoh Seong LinBest poster presenter di 3rd International Conference on Advances in Medical Sciences, Marina Putrajaya, Malaysia.19-20 Apr 2017
5Prof. Dr Norzana Abd GhafarInnovation Award dan Winner of the Best Abstract with High Scientific Value di 6th International Conference on Biotechnology for the Wellness Industry16-17 Aug 2016
6Prof. Dr Srijit Das10 Most Productive Researcher in Medical Field from 2011 – 2016 .13 May 2016
7Prof. Dr Srijit DasInternational Achievement Award di 4th Faculty Branding Award-16 yang dianjurkan oleh EET CRS (Research Wing for Excellence in Professional Education & Industry)24 Jul 2016
8Prof. Dr Srijit DasTop 25 scientist in UKM for citation (No.8)26 Oct 2016
9Prof. Dr Srijit DasSilver Medal in Pecipta 2015, KLCC.4-6 Dec 2015
10Prof. Dr Srijit DasBest Reseacher Award di 3rd Faculty Branding Award-15 yang dianjurkan oleh EET CRS (Research Wing for Excellence in Professional Education & Industry)Jul 2015
11Dr Sahema @ Zar Chi Thent3rd Runner up for The 6th Medical Universiti National 2014 Best Oral Undergraduates’ Annual Kebangsaan Presentation Scientific Research Meeting Malaysia (6th MUASRM)12 Jul 2014
12Prof. Dr Srijit DasInternational-2nd Faculty Branding Award9 Aug 2014
13Dr Teoh Seong LinTravel award for 37th annual meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society.11-13 Sep 2014
14Prof. Dr Farihah Hj. SuhaimiService laboratory Award (Plastination Lab)15 Oct 2014