Jabatan Anatomi Fakulti Perubatan

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dissection Hall

The dissection hall is the place where the practical part of teaching & learning anatomy is conducted. Our dissection hall can accommodate up to 80 students at a time. Located on the 1st floor of PPUKM Preclinical Building, it is equipped with an audiovisual system and projector. There are 10 LCD screens that serve to display the teaching materials during each practical class. The specimens used were mostly wet specimens, in addition to the plastinated specimens and human skeletal. Other teaching materials such as plastic models, illustration diagrams and X-rays are also provided for this purpose.

Traditionally, medical students will self-dissect the cadaver to visualise the body parts or organ that refers to the subject being studied. However, this method has not been practiced over the past 30 years due to the lack of cadavers received for this purpose. To date, all of the specimen used have been prosected by department staff before the start of each learning session. This method is seen as a great way to conserve the existing cadavers while reducing the students' time to learn the about the subject.

Among the students who benefit from using this specimen are:

Undergraduate Students:

  1. Medical students in 1st and 2nd year
  2. Dental students
  3. Degree from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  4. Students from Biomedical Science Program
  5. Students from Physiotherapy Program
  6. Students from Audiology and Speech Science
  7. Diagnostic and Imaging Students
  8. Students of Forensic Science
  9. Nursing Students
  10. Students of Diploma in Nursing

 Pelajar Pascasiswazah:

  1. Students from Master of Medical Science (Anatomy)
  2. PhD students (Anatomy)
  3. Masters students in Surgery and Orthopaedic
  4. Masters students in Orthodontic

In addition, we also have a series of workshops conducted here. Among the workshops held:

  1. Workshop on 'flap dissection' by the Forensic Department, Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.
  2. Jar Specimen Workshop
  3. Embalming Workshop.

Among the study sessions held in the dissection hall:



Embalming Workshop 2018

For more information regarding the dissection hall or the use of space, please contact:

En. Shaiful Ridzwan Sapri

 03-9145 8642/8714