Jabatan Anatomi Fakulti Perubatan

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dissection Service

Dissection is a Latin word that means to dissect a body or plant to study its anatomical structure. It is different from the autopsies that are used in pathological science and forensic medicine to determine the cause of death in humans. Dissection is important to expose the human body properly for the students to learn. A good dissection can reduce wastage and thus optimize the use of individual cadavers. This is particularly important in the current shortages of cadaver faced by the medical education institutions across the country.

We have a number of trained staff who are capable to perform the dissection of either parts or the whole body within a set of time. The dissecting product are not only to be used as a wet specimens (which are stored in formalin), but can also be used for plastination (another form of preservation).


For more information regarding the dissection services, please contact:

Pn. Natasya Nadia Sahruddin

 03-9145 8417