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Plastination Service

Plastination is a method of preserving biological specimens useful for the study of Anatomy. It is a process that involves the replacement of water and fat in biological tissue with a polymeric substance known as silicon. This method was introduced by Dr. Gunther Von Hagen in Heidelberg, Germany in 1978. Specimens that have undergone the process of plastination are referred to as plastinated specimens. The resulting specimen is as hard as plastic but retains its original structure.

This method provides convenience to the institution in terms of reduced maintenance costs and to the students in terms of easy access to the learning facilities.

Recognizing the advantages of this preservation methods and the lack of embalming facilities in most institutions, we offer our plastination services to the medically-related tertiary institutions interested in preserving their cadavers using this method. We are capable of providing whole body, body parts or organ plastination. We also offer a pre-dissecting services (please refer to the Dissection Service under the Services menu).


For more information regarding our Plastination Service, don't hesitate to contact:

Pn. Siti Atiqah Zukeri

 03-9145 8417