Jabatan Anatomi Fakulti Perubatan

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Research: Cell & Tissue Culture

The tissue culture laboratory in this department began its operation in 2014. Although still in its infancy, this laboratory has contributed some meaningful research output. The laboratory is equipped with various advanced and up-to-date facilities in health and medical research related to cell and tissue culture. Currently, studies are focused on natural medical products, such as the study of the effects of honey in eye-related diseases of the cornea. Apart from that, this laboratory is also involved in studying the bone health and neuroscience.


Prof Dr Norzana Abd Ghafar
 03-9145 8636

Dr Taty Anna Kamarudin
 03-9145 8639

Dr Nahdia Afiifah Abdul Jalil
 03-9145 8628