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Email: iza@ukm.edu.my Phone: 03-89215743

Room Number: 7.457

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Specialisation: Strategic Management, Dynamic Capabilities, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship

Curriculum Vitae: Download (where available)

Dr. Nor Liza has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and has been a lecturer in UKM in the Faculty of Economics and Management since 1997. Prior to this, Dr. Nor Liza was a certified trainer in Malaysian Productivity Center and later joined UiTM, Segamat Johor. Dr. Nor Liza obtained her Ph.D from University Malaya in the area of Strategic Management. Besides strategic management, her research interest covers the area of entrepreneurship, knowledge management and dynamic capabilities. She has completed Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom under the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia in a program to strengthen entrepreneurship education in higher education institutions. She has achieved several academic excellence awards during her studies, such as Harvard Alumni Gold Medal Award, Perbadanan Nasional Berhad Award and Standard Chartered Award.   She has led a number of research projects in the area of knowledge management and strategy under KPT and UKM grant. Currently she is the Chairperson for the Center of Value Creation and Human Well-being Studies.  She is also an active consultant with UKM Pakarunding Sdn. Bhd., a private arm under UKM offering consultancy services for government and private agencies.

BEcons. (UIAM), SPP(UKMalaysia), PhD(UniMalaya), Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (University of Cambridge, UK)

Areas of Research
Strategic Management, Dynamic Capabilities, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Sharing



  1. Impacts of Food, Safety Practices and Initiatives on Food Business Supply Chain, Co-researcher, In Progress.
  2. Industry 4.0 Readiness Model for Technologies Companies in Malaysia, Co-researcher, In Progress.
  3. Pembentukan Sistem Pengukuran Prestasi Strategik sebagai Keupayaan Integrasi bagi Menyokong Pembangunan Ketangkasan Organisasi, Co-researcher, In Progress.
  4. A Holistic Model for Wellbeing of B40 Retirees, Co-researcher, In Progress.
  5. Knowledge Management Strategy Framework Development for Malaysian SMEs, Co-researcher, In Progress.
  6. Pembangunan Model Analitik dan Alat Risikan Bisnes Untuk Pengurusan Staf UKM, Co-researcher, In Progress.
  7. The Awareness and Economic Impacts of Geospatial Information and Technologies Application in Malaysian Palm Oil Industry, 2017-2019, Lead Researcher, Completed
  8. Development of Entrepreneurship Simulation AppliKnowledge Management Strategy Framework Development for Malaysian SMEs, Co-researcher, In Progress.cation for Entrepreneurship Education in Malaysian Public Universities, 2015-2017, Completed
  9. Innovation Capabilities, Capabilities and Entrepreneurship Intention: Are Business Students Different From Non business Major Students? 2015-2016, Co-researcher, Completed
  10. A New Framework for Human Capital Mobility: Brain Gain from Professional Expatriates in Malaysia, 2014-2016, Lead Researcher, Completed
  11. Developing A Framework of Social Media in Entrepreneurship Performance and Sustainability, 2014 – 2016, Co-researcher. Completed
  12. Integrating Electronic Commerce Applications In Small-Medium Enterprises In Malaysia, 2013-2015, Co-researcher, Completed
  13. Learning 2.0: Improve Case Study Teaching and Learning Effectiveness Using Web 2.0 Tools for Brainstorming and Collaboration, 2013-2015, Co-researcher, Completed
  14. The Influence of Personal Goal Attainment and Religious Orientation on Business Outcome and Life Satisfaction: A Study of SME Entrepreneurship in Malaysia, 2013-2015, Co-researcher, Completed
  15. Developing a Framework of Work-Life Balance and Social Capital, 2011-2014, Co-researcher, Completed
  16. The Development of Training and Development Training Module for Franchise Industry in Malaysia, 2013-2014, Co-researcher, Completed.
  17. Agenda Penyelidikan dan Penerbitan Dalam Era Transformasi Ekonomi (Research and Publication Agenda in the Era of Economic Transformation), 2013-2013, Co-researcher, Completed


  1. Co-consultant for The National Geospatial Master Plan (Economic Case Studies), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), August 2017 – May 2018.
  2. Head consultant for The Assessment of Digital Economy Satellite Account (DESA) Secondary Indicators, November 2015 – March 2016
  3. Co-consultant for The Study on The Impact of Digital Malaysia, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), December – January, 2015
  4. Co-consultant for Case Study Gloria Jeans Coffeee Malaysia, June 2015- December 2015.
  5. Co-consultant for The Study on The Impact of Netbook 1Malaysia, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commision, Feb – May, 2014
  6. Co-consultant for Feasibility Study on the Establishment of Malaysian National Oceanography Institute, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Sept – Dec, 2013

Publications Journals

Publication (Journal)

  1. Mansoor Ahmed Soomro, Mohd Hizam Hanafiah, & Nor Liza Abdullah (2020), Digital readiness models: a systematic literature review, COMPUSOFT: An International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, 9(3), p. 3596-3605
  2. Sh. Usman Yousaf, Mohd Hizam Hanafiah, Rosmah Mat Isa, Nor Liza Abdullah, Zizah Che Senik, Bushra Usman (2020), Mediating effects of entrepreneurs’ work performance on the relationship between their psychological capital and growth intentions a study on Malaysian entrepreneurs, The South East Asian Journal of Management, 14(1), 63-78
  3. Husnil Khatimah, Perengki Susanto, Nor Liza Abdullah (2019), Hedonic motivation and social influence on behavioral intention of e-money: the role of payment habit as mediator, International Journal of Entrepreneurship, 23(1), p.1-9
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  • Strategies in Management                                                          DBA
  • Strategic Management                                                                 Undergraduate and MBA
  • Entrepreneurship Theory                                                            Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Business Start-ups                                                                         Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Global Management                                                                      Undergraduate
  • International Business                                                                  Undergraduate
  • Business Management from Islamic Perspective                    Undergraduate
  • Managerial Economics                                                                  Master and Undergraduate