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Chem-e-car is a competition for students, who are majoring in chemical engineering, to design small scale automobiles that operate by chemical means, along with a poster illustrating their research.

During the competition, they must demonstrate their capability to drive their car to a fixed distance in addition with a payload of 0-500 mL of water. The cars must operate without releasing any pollution or waste in the form of a visible liquid or gas.


Conceptual Design of Fuel Cell Car

  1. Utilized fuel cell stack to genenerate electricity to operate the fan and the motor.
  2. The fuel cell stack is designed by connecting 10 cells in series to produce sufficient volatage.
  3. The Hydrogen gas is directed to the anod from a tank filled with hydrogen adsorbent. The flow rate of hydrogen is optimized to have a complete reaction.
  4. The flow of the open katod is designed where a mini fan is used to blow the air to the side of the stack in order to supply oxygen in to the system besides cooling the stack.
  5. Aliran katod-terbuka direkabentuk untuk aliran udara pada katod di mana satu kipas mini digunakan untuk menghembus udara ke sisi stak bagi membekalkan oksigen disamping menyejukkan stak.


Specification of a Fuel Cell Stack

  1. Consists of 10 cells with the active area of 25 cm2
  2. Maximum voltage output of 6 V.
  3. Hydrogen is supplied from a cylinder.
  4. Air is supplied to the cathod with the open-air technique.



  1. Enviroment friendly, and water is the only product.
  2. Cost saving. Do not need a oxygen tank and include with a cooling system.
  3. Silent while operating.
  4. Quik start-up.
  5. Easy to operate.


Serindit 2

The Serindit II vehicle model was developed based on fuel cell technology. In this invention, fuel cell stack has been installed in a Serindit II to operate its motor. The novel design of stack contributes several advantages to the Serindit II’s system, other than saving its operational cost.


Creative Conceptual Design

A novel open air cathode PEMFC stack is used to generate the electrical power to run the Serindit II’s motor. The open cathode channel is created to supply air directly from the atmosphere through a funnel by a fan.

The advantages are:

  1. Oxygen could be supplied directly from the air without using a pump or blower thus reducing peripheral equipment cost.
  2. The air also cools the PEMFC stack thus removing the need for a water cooling system.
  3. Hydrogen is supplied from a small metal hydride canister via a needle valve.


Innovative Fuel Cell Stack

The open air cathode PEMFC stack designed for Serindit II has 50 cells in series. Each cell has an active area 50 cm2.

Otherwise, a parallel-serpentine design was created for the anode flow-field pattern. The maximum voltage output of 40 V and power of 200 W could be achieved during stack operation.


Self-heat Management

The electrochemical reaction in a PEMFC produces heat. An open cathode stack with a dual-functioning air handling concept is developed for the Serindit II. The excess air that is blown through the open cathode not only maintains the electrochemical reaction at the cathode but also cools the stack and removes the water produced by the electrochemical reaction as well.


Environmental Friendly

The internal combustion engine used in conventional vehicles produce air pollutants such as CO2 and NO2. PEMFC stack which is used by the Serindit II only produces small quantities of water. It’s very clean, silent and environmentally friendly and also appropriate for next future generation.


  1. Cost saving.
  2. Quick start-up.
  3. Easy maintenance.
  4. Alternative energy source.
  5. Clean, silent, and environmental friendly.
  6. Suitable for next future generation vehicle.




LestariTM – The 1st Malaysia’s portable fuel cell power generator. The unit provides pure, high-quality electrical power continuosly, as long as fuel is supplied. The LestariTM fuel cell generator is fueled by hydrogen, which can be supplied externally through stand-alone industrial cylinders (for commercial and industrial use) or, internally through easy to use mini cylinder (for commercial and residential use).


Compact Design

LestariTM systems have been designed optimally for portable and compact power generator. The system integrates the fuel cell stacks, stack cooling system, humidifier and control system.