Frequently used forms

Student affair

Research assistant form (Borang pembantu penyelidik (RA))

  • For new application/extension of a research assistant. If your research assistant is a postgraduate student, this is NOT the proper form. Instead, please log in to
  • Send the form to Pn. Sakinah (office secretariat assistant). Tel: 03-8911 8031. Email: for further process.

Application for use of laboratory & equipment (Borang permohonan penggunaan makmal & peralatan)

  • Students who intend to work in other laboratories and use the laboratory equipment are required to apply and get permission from the lab manager.
  • Fill out the form and follow the instruction.

Out-of-office hour form (Borang bekerja-di-luar-waktu-pejabat)

  • For staff/students who intend to work in a laboratory after office hours. Normal office hours between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday except weekends and public holidays.
  • Send the request to En. Zul Fauzi (Science officer). Tel: 03-8921 7083. Email:

Conference attendance form (Borang hadiri persidangan) & Conference fee payment application form (Borang permohonan bayaran yuran persidangan)

  • Students who would like to attend a conference/seminar require to fill up the forms including the payment of the seminar fee, if applicable.
  • Send the form to Pn. Nora (Admin assistant). Tel: 03-8911 8532. Email: for further process.


Graduate affair

  • Download the forms here.


UKM staff affair

Medical treatment claim form (Borang tuntutan bayaran rawatan perubatan)

  • For medical/dental treatment fee claiming.

Professional body membership fee claim form (Borang tuntutan elaun yuran keahlian badan professional)

  • For professional membership fee claiming, e.g. IEM, IChemE, etc.


SELFUEL affair

Fuel Cell Institute Associate Fellow Nomination Form (Borang Pencalonan Felo Bersekutu Institut Sel Fuel)

  • For domination of new associate fellow member from other faculty/research centre/study centre in UKM.


Laboratory consumable/chemical/asset/repair service

For acquisition of the consumables, chemical, asset, and repair service, please refer to the procurement page.