Research Center for History, Politics and International Affairs


About US

The Center was created in 2001, when the Department of History, the Department of Political Science and the Unit of Strategic and Security Studies merged. Since its creation, the Center has been one of the leading teaching and research centers in the fields of history, political science and international relations in Malaysia. It is committed to inspiring and encouraging our students to think critically and independently, and to producing graduates who can make a meaningful difference to society after their graduation.

After You Graduate

In SPHEA, we guide and help prepare students for their future as diplomats, policy analysts, researchers, military officers, government administrators, corporate professionals, politicians, and many more. Aside from academic careers, our graduates have joined public administration, diplomacy, teaching professions, journalism, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations. The skills our students learn during their time with us range far and wide across the professions, and are easily transferred to a multiplicity of disciplines.

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