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Litograph, Caricature, and Manuscript Gallery

The Gallery of Lithograph, Caricature, and Manuscript

This gallery displays collection that are never been cataloged by any research institutions. Lithograph, caricature, and manuscript are the main exhibits and they are important for understanding a country’s history and heritage.

The lithographs in the gallery are the works of colonial artists invited by the Portuguese, Dutch, English, and French colonial governments to record the historical events occurred in the Malay world. Among the subjects of the artworks are events, Malay society and culture, and the tropical flora and faunas found on the Malay Peninsula.

Local artists produced historical caricatures that were printed in the newspapers and magazines. The caricature arts illustrates the political, economic, and social events since the 1930s, from the Malaya era to the founding of Malaysia.

Two types of manuscripts are displayed in the gallery: the Malay and Bugis manuscripts. The Bugis manuscripts include the diary of Sultan Bone from the 18th Century and also the daily Bugis society’s activities and its trading activities with southern Sulawesi and Johor. Whereas, the Malay manuscripts are the royal records of the history of royal politics, royal family, and of the Sultans.

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