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PESEPSI (Persatuan Mahasiswa Sejarah, Politik dan Strategi) is the student-governed association representing undergraduate students at the School of History, Politics, and Strategic Studies.

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Recent activities:

1)  Humanitarian Mission to Cambodia, 19-24 January 2015

The Humanitarian Mission to Cambodia was initiated by the student body PESEPSI on the compassionate reasons and to reflect the need for actions on humanitarian causes. The program was held between 19-24 January 2015 at Kampong Cham, Cambodia. The main cause for this mission is to give humanitarian assistance to the needs of Cambodian’s Cham society living in underprivileged condition, and to cultivate volunteerism among the students. This mission also aims to establish a network between the students of National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia–UKM) with the Islamic establishment in Cambodia. This mission has fulfilled UKM’s vision to achieve international exposure and contributed to the university’s effort in internationalisation.

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The movie or film show is a monthly program coordinated by the committee members of PESEPSI. This program intends to introduce the students to the local and international films dealing with the subjects on historical issues, political, and international affairs. After the end of the movie screening, a discussion session is held among the students focusing on the message of the film. The sharing session welcomes the students to share their different perspectives, which they have learned from their university studies and also from their personal view.  This activity has encouraged lively discussion and perhaps given rise to future prominent film critics.

Some example of the posters distributed for the event:

pesepsi tayangan 1 pesepsi tayangan 2


3)   TOWN HALL MEETING – UKM Campus Election, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSK) 

A ‘Town Hall Meeting’ was held on 19 November 2014 at the foyer of Lecture hall 3B 301, FSSK, during the period of UKM Campus Election. This is a program where the faculty students (‘the people’ or the voters) were given a chance to ask questions, give their opinion, and offer critiques to their potential leaders. PESEPSI took the chance to hold a special forum to the candidates of PRK (First Year, Second Year, and Third Year) vying for the Faculty Seat to present their manifesto and answers the questions from the audience. This forum gathered all candidates from Gabungan Mahasiswa and ASPIRASI, two main opposing forces in the Campus Election.

pesepsi townhall


4)  FORUM #HeForShe, 24 March 2015

Forum #HeForShe merupakan satu ruang diskusi yang mengupas isu kedudukan dan hak wanita dari segi politik, ekonomi dan sosial di Malaysia. Program ini telah diadakan pada 10 Disember 2014 dengan menjemput panelis-panelis jemputan dari Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) dan NGO’s. Program ini memberikan pandangan yang luas terhadap isu gender termasuklah membetulkan stereotaip yang dibelenggui golongan wanita dalam masyarakat Malaysia.

The event’s poster and photos:

heforshe fssk

heforshe collage



PESEPSI made a visit to Rumah Kebajikan Islam Peribadi Mulia in Kajang on 9 May 2015 as an effort to contribute to the local society instil the spirit of volunteerism among the varsity students to provide service to the underprivileged groups. The visit was followed by an invitation to the welfare workers and the orphans to the Charity Dinner of the School, in which PESEPSI had garnered RM3000 donation for the Welfare Home.

The photos from the visit can be found at the Gallery album.

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