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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the additional information regarding postgraduate studies posted by the prospective and current students.

1) Maximum study duration enrolled into our graduate programmes:

Mode of StudyFull TimePart Time
Masters by Coursework (with thesis)2-4 semesters4-8 semesters
Masters by Research2-6 semesters3-10 semesters
Doctor of Philosophy6-12 semesters8-14 semesters


2) Examinations for Master by Coursework candidates:

Examination for Postgraduate by Coursework
Final examinations are held at the end of each semester. (Mid-term examination will be held between Wee 4-14 depends on the lecturer's instruction)
Ongoing evaluation is possible for certain cases depends on the programme's perusal and the candidate's condition.
Oral examination (viva defence) will be held for the masters candidates to defend their thesis in front of the oral defence committee.


3) Word limit for theses

ProgrammeTotal words
Masters by Coursework (with thesis)<30,000 words
Masters by Research<60,000 words
Doctor of Philosophy<100,000 words
Abstract for all thesesNot more than 500 words


4) Status of academic performance

Grade Point AverageLevel of performanceEligibility to continue studyEligibility for graduation
CGPA >3PassEligibleEligible
2 < CGPA <3Pass with conditionPendingNot eligible
CGPA <2Failed and dismissedDismissedNot qualified


5) Reasons for withdrawing from examination

Postponing Examination
Student can postpone or withdraw during an examination on health reason and other types of disruption
The application has to be made to the Faculty Dean within 48 hours after the exam was held
Postponement on health concern will require the student to submit medical certificate issued by the university's medical centre (Pusat Kesihatan UKM), public hospitals, and university's panel clinics only.


6) How to apply for suspension

Suspension of your study
1. Students can apply for suspension on compassionate reasons, such as poor health and financial problem.
2. The application can be made during the semester or before the semester commence. However, the students cannot apply for suspension for two semesters in a row. Second application for suspension can be made after resuming study for at least one semester.
3. Withdrawal is possible if the application to withdraw from study is made during the first four weeks of the semester. After Week 4, only application for suspension is allowed.
4. Written application has to be submitted to the Faculty Dean, using the form available from the Graduate Centre of UKM.


For more enquiries, please contact the Head of Postgraduate Studies, the General Office, the Postgraduate Affairs Committee (Faculty level), or the Graduate Centre (UKM).

7) Expulsion from the programme


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