Research Center for History, Politics and International Affairs



Our Niches

UKM has set up 12 research clusters based on niches. The members of our School are among the leaders and members of the Politics and Security Niche (Nic Politik dan Keselamatan):

  • Democratization (Pendemokrasian)
  • Security Discourse (Wacana Keselamatan)
  • Negotiation and International Relations (Wacana Perundingan dan Perhubungan Anatrabangsa)
  • Law and Conflict Resolution (Kajian Undang-undang dan Penyelesian Pertikaian)

The Security Discourse Cluster is led by Associate Professor Dr. Zarina Othman, who is also the head of Human Security Group.

Under the Democratization Cluster,  Associate Professor Dr. Sity Daud leads the Election Group.

Both Clusters and Groups involved the School members according to their specialisations.

See the Malay version here.

Our specialisations

In PPSPS, the transmission of knowledge is carried out by an accomplished and diverse faculty who specialize in a range of topics within the fields of history, politics and strategic studies:

  • History of Malaysia (political, economic, social, foreign relations),
  • Southeast Asia,
  • Western Asia,
  • settlement and urbanization,
  • environment,
  • trade,
  • maritime and port history,
  • early modern history,
  • gender studies, and
  • the history of Malacca Straits and South China Sea

Political Science

  • Globalization and politics,
  • civil society,
  • political economy,
  • politics of Malaysia,
  • ethnicity,
  • election analysis,
  • federalism,
  • public administration,
  • development politics,
  • democracy and gender,
  • political sociology, and
  • comparative politics (South Asia, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Europe, Middle East, East Asia)

Strategic Studies and International Relations

  • Islam and national security,
  • terrorism,
  • conflicts,
  • big powers in Southeast Asia,
  • smaller states,
  • non-traditional security issues,
  • international relations of the Asia Pacific,
  • civil-military relations,
  • international law and organizations,
  • diplomacy and foreign relations,
  • ASEAN,
  • multilateralism,
  • regional and international maritime issues,
  • environmental security, and
  • strategic studies

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