Research Center for History, Politics and International Affairs


History Programme

Head of History Programme

Dr. Suffian Mansor

History of Modern China and Malaysia (Sarawak) History

Ph.D. (Bristol)

+603 8921 3637




Chairperson of the Research Centre for History, Politics and International Affairs / Editor-in-Chief of Jebat

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Samsudin

Foreign Policy Studies and the History of Modern Malaysia

Ph. D. (Malaya)

+603 8921 5710




Head of Cluster Nation-Building

Associate Professor Dr. Azlizan Mat Enh

Ph.D. (UKMalaysia)

International History and History of Modern Europe

+603 8921 5465




Senior Lecturer

Dr. Al-Amril Bin Othman

Modern Malaysia Political History

Ph.D. (UKMalaysia)

+603 8921 5406





Mohamad Rodzi Bin Abd. Razak

Malaysian History

MA (UKMalaysia)

+603 8921 5381




Senior Lecturer

Dr. Mohd Shazwan Mokhtar

Economic history, Global history, Malaysian history

Ph.D. (UKMalaysia) 

+603 8921 5364


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