Research Center for History, Politics and International Affairs


Community Engagement

We reach out to the local community by contributing to the knowledge expansion, out-reach programmes, and receive intern students from other universities. It is our role to ensure the knowledge and expertise exchanges meet the needs, aspirations, and expectations of industry and the community to achieve mutual benefit.

At the undergraduate level, we have a student body PESEPSI that organises activities to engage the local communities and foster ties with various level of organisations. Whereas, our postgraduate students have formed an international network called Jaringan Siswazah Nusantara (JSN, or Graduate Nusantara Network), organising annual trip to visit other varsities in the region, opening the pathway of engagement on the academic and societal levels.

See the reports of JSN published in UKM magazine Resonance here, published in Malay here.

Our alumni holds various posts in the governmental agencies and think tanks, which also contributes to the widespread of our network.


The Political Science programme provided platform for discussion on all matters related to the elections. The programme staff are also often quoted in news media report and interviews.

SPR   sity taki fuad taki sity mohd


Our students are appointed to intern positions in the following institutions:

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