Malaysia has seen significant shifts in the climate governance landscape over the last few years and UK PACT is proud to be a partner in further accelerating strategic climate action.

Malaysia continues to make progress on its international climate commitments evidenced most recently by the transition of the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (MGTC) to include the function of a climate change centre. The UK and Malaysia share the common goal of tackling climate change and have agreed to share best practices and approaches for climate action. The countries will have the unique opportunity to work together to address this global challenge ahead of COP26, and UK PACT is well positioned to share expertise and build capacity to advance a long-term climate transition agenda in Malaysia.

The areas of focus for Malaysia-UK PACT are: climate action enabling environment, energy and green finance. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic impact in Malaysia, we also welcome innovative projects that respond to this situation across the above themes and with respect to green recovery.

Join our Malaysia-UK PACT Market Engagement Webinar on 29 September!

Download summary slides from our recent engagement with stakeholders.

How to apply

The first Malaysia-UK PACT call for proposals will launch in October 2020.

Projects will be selected through an open call to prospective applicants following two stages: 1) Expression of Interest (EOI) to outline how a proposed project responds to the call; and 2) a request for detailed proposals for those shortlisted at the EOI stage. Register your interest below to make sure you find out when the funding window opens.


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