The Horizon 2020-funded European Green Deal Call opened on 18 October for registration and will spur Europe’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis by turning green challenges into innovation opportunities. This Green Deal Call differs in important aspects from previous Horizon 2020 calls. Given the urgency of the challenges it addresses, it aims for clear, discernible results in the short to medium-term, but with a perspective of long-term change. There are fewer, but more targeted, larger and visible actions, with a focus on rapid scalability, dissemination and uptake.


TOPIC ID: LC-GD-1-1-2020
Preventing and fighting extreme wildfires with the integration and demonstration of innovative means

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-1-2-2020
Towards Climate-Neutral and Socially Innovative Cities

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-1-3-2020
Climate-resilient Innovation Packages for EU regions

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-2-1-2020
Innovative land-based and offshore renewable energy technologies and their integration into the energy system

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-2-2-2020
Develop and demonstrate a 100 MW electrolyser upscaling the link between renewables and commercial/industrial applications

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-3-1-2020
Closing the industrial carbon cycle to combat climate change – Industrial feasibility of catalytic routes for sustainable alternatives to fossil resources

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-3-2-2020
Demonstration of systemic solutions for the territorial deployment of the circular economy

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-4-1-2020
Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-5-1-2020
Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-6-1-2020
Testing and demonstrating systemic innovations in support of the Farm-to-Fork Strategy

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-7-1-2020
Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-8-1-2020: 
Innovative, systemic zero-pollution solutions to protect health, environment and natural resources from persistent and mobile chemicals

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-8-2-2020:
Fostering regulatory science to address combined exposures to industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals: from science to evidence-based policies

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-9-1-2020
European Research Infrastructures capacities and services to address European Green Deal challenges

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-9-2-2020: 
Developing end-user products and services for all stakeholders and citizens supporting climate adaptation and mitigation

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-9-3-2020: 
Transparent & Accessible Seas and Oceans: Towards a Digital Twin of the Ocean

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-10-1-2020: 
capacities for citizen deliberation and participation for the Green Deal

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-10-2-2020: 
Behavioural, social and cultural change for the Green Deal

TOPIC ID: LC-GD-10-3-2020: 
Enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observation initiatives, and civic engagement

Grant Size:
Grant size may vary by proposals.

26 January 2021

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ERD2020 ‘The European Green Deal and the €1 billion Research and Innovation Call” – YouTube

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