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D.Ravichandran K.Dhakshinamoorthy

Assoc. Prof. Dr. D.Ravichandran K.DhakshinamoorthyDSC_0600


Ext: 3266

Email: (preferred)

Strategic Studies & International Relations Programme,
School of History, Politics and Strategy,
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,
43600, UKM Bangi, Selangor.

Area of expertise

Security Studies, Politics of Energy, Human Security & Bioethics


Membership in professional organizations (Selected)

  1. President, Asia Pacific Forum on Ethics and Social Justice, Malaysia 2011-2017
  2. Vice President (Southeast Asia), Asian Bioethics Association, 2011-2016
  3. Academic Group Member & Malaysian Representative, Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), 2011-2016
  4. Fellow, Salzburg Global Seminar, Salzburg, Austria, 2012
  5. Appointed as Regional Expert by UNESCO for Consultation on the Feasibility of a Declaration on Ethical Principles relating to Climate Change, 2010
  6. Appointed as Malaysia Country Representative for the Asian Bioethics Association, in Tehran, April 2009


Awards & Appreciation (selected)

  1. Appointment as Professor of Honour , Zhejiang Normal University, China. 2017
  2. Appointment as Adjunct Professor at the American University of Sovereign Nations (United States) 2016



Impact Factor Journal (Selected)

  1. Ravichandran Moorthy and Guido Benny, 2013, Is an “ASEAN Community” Achievable? A Public Perception Analysis in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore on the Perceived Obstacles to Regional Community, Asian Survey, 52(6):1043-1066
    – Quartile 2, IF – 0.425 / (In the reading list of a course on ASEAN at Georgetown University, Washington DC, See:
  2. Ravichandran Moorthy and Guido Benny, 2013, Does public opinion count? Knowledge and support for an ASEAN Community in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, International Relations of the Asia Pacific, 13 (3): 399-423 doi:10.1093/irap/lct008
    – Quartile 3, IF – 0.758 /(This article is among the 50 Most Frequently Read Articles published by the International Relations of the Asia-Pacific See:
  3. Ravichandran Moorthy and Ganesan Jeyabalan, , 2012, Inter-agency cooperation in river management as a precondition for realizing water ethics principles in Malaysia: the case of the Gombak River , Water Policy, 14(5):746-757
    -Quartile 3, IF – 0.867


SCOPUS-cited Journal (Selected)

  1. Ravichandran Moorthy, 2018, Disaster Communication in Managing Vulnerabilities (Accepted for Special Issue publication in Malaysian Communication Journal in June 2018).
  2. Guido Benny, Ravichandran Moorthy, (forthcoming, 2018), “Economic Versus Political Liberalization in Asean: Public Opinion Among University Students in Four Member Countries”. (Accepted for publication in The International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies).
  3. Ahmed Aliyu, Ravichandran Moorthy, Nor Azizan Idris, 2016, Improving Internal Security Management Through Reintegration of Traditional Institutions: A Case Study of Kano Emirate Council-Nigeria, The Social Sciences, 11(6), 991-997.
  4. Ravichandran Moorthy, Hau Khan Sum & Guido Benny, 2015, Power asymmetry and nuclear option in India-Pakistan security relations, Asian Journal of Scientific Research, 80-94..
  5. Ravichandran Moorthy & Sity Daud, , 2014, Bioethics in Multiethnic Society: A Case of Malaysia , International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences , 1879-1884 .
  6. Ravichandran Moorthy & Ganesan Jeyabalan, 2012, Ethics and Sustainability: A Review of Water Policy and Management, American Journal of Applied Sciences, 9(1): 24 DOI10.3844/ajassp.2012.24.31
  7. Ravichandran Moorthy & Guido Benny, 2012, Attitude towards Community Building in Association of Southeast Asian Nations: A Public Opinion Survey, American Journal of Applied Sciences, 9(4):557-562


Book (Selected)

  1. Ravichandran Moorthy & S. Panneerselvam (eds.). Conflict Resolution: Perspectives from Indian Philosophy and Traditions (Accepted for 2018 publication)
  2. Ravichandran Moorthy and Darryl R.J. Macer (eds.) 2013. Environmental Ethics in Managing Resources In the Asia Pacific. Penerbit UKM: Bangi. Cited in ISI/WOS in 2015


Peer-Reviewed Journal (Selected)

  1. Farooque Ahmed Leghari & Ravichandran Moorthy, 2017, Nuclear Deterrence Or Diplomacy?: Managing The India-Pakistan Crises, e-Bangi: Journal of Social Science and Humanities
  2. Mohd Sarif Hassan & Ravichandran Moorthy, Bantuan Kemanusiaan Dan Pertolongan Bencana (Hadr) Sebagai Alat Diplomasi Amerika Syarikat Di Asia Tenggara, SARJANA (Journal of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Malaya), 31(2),44-61
  3. Ahmed Aliyu, Ravichandran Moorthy, Nor Azizan Idris, 2016, The Role Of Kano Emirate Council In Managing Ethnic And Religious Conflict In Kano State-Nigeria, e-Bangi, Vol. 11(1), 001-017.
  4. Ravichandran Moorthy, Novel Lyndon, Er Ah Choy, Sivapalan Selvadurai & Kartini A. Talib, 2011, Ethnicity and ethnic perception of Indians , Journal of Social Sciences , 7(4): 590-596.
  5. Ravichandran Moorthy & Rejali Ak Angong, 2010, Pakatan keselamatan Amerika Syarikat-Jepun: Satu analisis kepentingan strategik Amerika Syarikat di era pasca perang dingin, SARJANA, 25(2): 87-104.
  6. Nadia Baranovich and Ravichandran Moorthy, 2010, Human Security and The Israel-Palestine Conflict: External Vs. Internal Perspectives, Journal of International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Vol. 6, 83-97.
  7. Ravichandran Moorthy, 2008, Control or Chaos: The Complexity of International Negotiation Research, INTAN Management Journal , Vol.9 (1), 1-12


Chapter in Book  (Selected)

  1. Ravichandran Moorthy & S. Panneerselvam, 2018. Introduction. In Ravichandran Moorthy & S. Panneerselvam (eds.). Conflict Resolution: Perspectives from Indian Philosophy and Traditions. (Accepted for 2018 publication in Penerbit UKM)
  2. Ravichandran Moorthy, 2018. Indian Civilization, Philosophy and Conflict Resolutions. In Ravichandran Moorthy & S. Panneerselvam (eds.). Conflict Resolution: Perspectives from Indian Philosophy and Traditions. (Accepted for 2018 publication in Penerbit UKM)
  3. Ravichandran Moorthy, 2016, Ethnic Indian in Malaysia: History and Issues of Development, in Dennison Jaysuriya & K.S. Nathan (eds.) Contemporary Malaysian Indian: history, issues, challenges & prospects, KITA: Bangi, p.39-56.
  4. Ravichandran Moorthy and Darryl J. Macer, 2013, Introduction: A Resources Conundrum, in Ravichandran Moorthy, Darryl J. Macer (eds.) Environmental Ethics in Managing Resources in the Asia Pacific. Penerbit UKM:Bangi, p.11-16.
  5. Ravichandran Moorthy, Ganesan Jeyabalan and Guido Benny , 2013, Ethics, Sustainability and the Environment: A Review of Water Policy and Water Management in Malaysia, in Environmental Ethics in Ravichandran Moorthy, Darryl J. Macer (eds.) Environmental Ethics in Managing Resources In the Asia Pacific. Penerbit UKM:Bangi, p.35-48


Keynote Address

  1. Delivered keynote address titled “Democratic Transition in Southeast Asia: History, Trajectories and Lessons”, in International Conference on Democratic Transition in Pakistan, Lessons from Southeast Asian Countries, 6-8 February 2018, Area Study Centre – Far East and Southeast Asia, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan
  2. Delivered keynote address titled “Pakistan-China Economic Relations and Its Geopolitical Implications”, in the International Conference on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Political, Economic & Social Perspectives, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan
  3. Delivered keynote address titled “A Hermeneutic Explanation of Islam and Radicalism – Why Moral Reasoning and Moderation is Less Appealing” in the International conference on Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times: Religious Pluralism: An Hermeneutical Understanding for the 21st Century, Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Chennai, India
  4. Delivered keynote address titled “Conflict Resolutions; Perspectives from the Indian Traditions, at Chennai Philosophical Forum, Chennai, India.
    Delivered keynote address titled ‘Environmental Ethics in Managaing resources in the Asia Pacific’ during the Southeast Asia Symposium at University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA, United States.
  5. Delivered keynote address titled ‘Border Security: An Analysis of Malaysia-Indonesia Relations at Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda, Indonesia.
  6. Delivered keynote address titled “Justifying War & Human Suffering: Ethical & Philosophical Challenge” at University of Madras Endownment Lecture Series at Department of Philisophy at University of Madras, Chennai, India.


Public and Invitational Lectures

  1. Invitational lecture on “CPEC: A Regional Geopolitics and Geoeconomy Analysis” in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Great Opportunity for Regional Connectivity, in Zhejiang Normal University, China.
  2. Invitational lecture on ‘Development Ethics in Malaysia’ in the Joint AUSN, Center for Ethics of Science and Technology, and Eubios Ethics Institute Roundtable and Conference: Bioethics, Development Ethics, and Global Policy into Action, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
  3. Panellist on ‘Trans-boundary Water Governance in the LMB’. Lower Mekong Policy Forum on Environment, Agriculture, and Livelihoods, Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Invitational lecture on “Islam and Radicalism: Why Moral Reasoning and Moderation is less Appealing?” at the 28th Conference of the Japan Association for Bioethics Osaka University, Japan
    Invitational lecture on ASEAN Cooperation & US-China Dynamics at the International Seminar on ‘Sino-US Quest for ASEAN Cooperation: Impact on Regional Security’, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan
  4. Invitational lecture on ASEAN Cooperation: An Analysis of the Socio-economic Dialogues’ at the international seminar at Greenwich University, Karachi, Pakistan
    Delivered a lecture titled ‘Security dimensions of ASEAN Community’ at the Faculty of Development Economics, VNU University of Economics and Business, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  5. Delivered a lecture on ‘Malaysia Perspectives of the Indian Ocean Geopolitics’ during the Roundtable discussion on Indian Ocean Geopolitics on 24 March 2015, at National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi, India
  6. Delivered a lecture titled ‘Malaysia–India Relations’ during the UKM-JNU Post-Graduate Students Forum on 26 March 2015, at the School of International Studies, Jawarhalal University, New Delhi
  7. Delivered public lecture titled “Diplomacy: Theory & Practice” at Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda, Indonesia.
  8. Delivered a lecture on “ASEAN Community Initiative” at the University of Washington, Seattle, United States.




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