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Diagnostic Imaging Clinic

About Us

Diagnostic Imaging Clinic at UKM Kuala Lumpur Campus is a clinic that will offer radiological examination for health screening and diagnosing patients. We offer only basic radiology services, namely general x-ray, ultrasound scan and bone screening. The Diagnostic Imaging Clinic is still in the development process, and this will take a longer time to provide the best services for all patients.

The idea of setting up this Diagnostic Imaging Clinic triggered after ten (10) years of operating as the first university in Malaysia offers a Bachelor of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy. For the initial stage, the Diagnostic Imaging Clinic will provide only 20% of the total radiology services and will be enhanced in the future to meet the needs of the faculty itself and the community.

Currently, Diagnostic Imaging Clinic provides Breast Self-Examination (BSE). We also offer Cancer Education services in collaboration with Canwell and Cancer Care.

Clinical Officers and Staff

Mrs Norhafidzah binti Mohamed Sharif

Clinic Coordinator & Radiographer (Diagnostic Imaging) U48

Emel: norhafidzah.msharif@ukm.edu.my

Phone: 03-92897305

SM.Peng.Diag.Rterapi (Kep.)(UKMalaysia), MSc.(UPMalaysia)

Ms Khadijah Mohamad Nassir

Radiographer (Diagnostic Imaging) U44

Emel: khadijahnassir@ukm.edu.my

Phone: 03-92897141

SM.Peng.Diag.Rterapi (Kep.)(UKMalaysia),

Mrs Noraini Abdul Wahid

JRadiographer (Therapy) U41

Emel: noraini.wahid@ukm.edu.my

No telefon: 03-92897040

SM.Peng.Diag.Rterapi (Kep.)(UKMalaysia),

Ms Nurfarhana Ab Kadir

Radiographer (Diagnostic Imaging) U32

Emel: nfarhana.abkadir@ukm.edu.my

No telefon: 03-92897083

Dip.Radiography(KKM), SM.Peng.Perubatan (UiTMalaysia),

Mrs Nurul Husna Nor Mohamad

Radiographer (Diagnostic Imaging) U32

Emel: nurulhusna120987@ukm.edu.my

No telefon: 03-92897398


Services Offered

Breast Self-Examination

Cancer Education

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Klinik Pengiemjan Diagnostik dan Radioterapi.
Aras Bawah,
Blok H,
Fakulti Sains Kesihatan
Jalan raja Muda Abdul Aziz
50300 Kuala Lumpur



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Operational hours

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00

Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday: Close