Fakulti Sains Kesihatan UKM

 Leader in Health Sciences





The establishment of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FSKB) was an idea and aspirations of some academician in 1982. The idea was brought up on the 75th Committee for Academic Planning and Development (JPPA) meeting on 16 July 1991. Officially Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was established on 1 September 1992, with 3 department Biomedical Science, Optometry and Nutrition & Dietetics. The establishment of FSKB was an initiative to fill in the country’s need for professionals in the health sciences and was the first Faculty of Allied Health Sciences in Malaysia. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was the first faculty in the country to offer comprehensive health sciences programs. The campus is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur City at Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz together with the Faculty of Medicine (Preclinical), Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy. The diversity and dynamism of life in the city are also reflected in the FSK people and the programs offers.

Fakulti Sains Kesihatan


With the theme Leader in Health Sciences, FSKB UKM was moved forward to rebranding its name to Faculty of Health Sciences (FSK) on 12 April 2011. FSK offers a comprehensive and dynamic Health Science program to meet the needs of the country’s health sector. To date, FSK has offered 12 programs of study either undergraduate or Postgraduate.



There were 12 courses offered in FSK are:

  • Biomedical Science program
  • Optometry & Vision Science program
  • Nutrition Science Program
  • Dietetic Program
  • Audiology Program
  • PrasiswazahSpeech Science Program
  • Diagnostic & Radiotherapy Imaging Program
  • Physiotherapy Program
  • Occupational Therapy Program
  • Environmental Health & Industrial Safety Program
  • Forensic Science Program
  • Clinical Psychology Program



Faculty of Allied Health Sciences has taken steps to rename and restructure its departments and programs in 2010. On 23 June 2010 Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was officially renamed as  Faculty of Health Sciences. The results of this restructuring, 3 schools were established, namely the School of Applied Science and Diagnostic Science (PPSDKG), the Center for Rehabilitation Sciences (PPSR), and the School of Health Sciences (PPSJK). At the same time, 2 programs had rebranding which Optometry Program was changed to Optometry and Visual Science, and Environmental Health to the Environmental Health and Industrial Safety.


In line with the university’s restructuring, FSK also undergoes a restructuring on 1 January 2018. As a result of this restructuring, all the school in FSK  have been rebranded to the research center. The School of Diagnostic and Applied Health Sciences (PPSDKG) has been changed to the Center for Health Sciences and Applied (PSKG), the School of Rehabilitation Sciences (PPSR) was renamed to the Rehabilitation and Special Needs Center (PRKK), the School of Health Sciences (PPSJK) to the Community Health Center (PKK) there is an addition to a research center for the Healthy and Wellness Center (H-Care). With the establishment of this research center, the functions of each center can be focused on faculty research activities.