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The Asian Science Deans Summit (ASDS) is the annual meeting that provide a platform for networking and collaborating between science faculties in universities throughout Asian countries. This summit welcomes all deans, deputy deans and administrators of science faculties to participate in various discussions and sharing sessions to strengthened the quality of education, research and public engagement of their respective institutions. In addition, this summit provides an opportunity for participated university to reinforce mobility programs and develop networking opportunities with the existing and new partners throughout Asia.

Since the first meeting in 2015 organised by South Korea Yonsei University, ASDS was held every year until 2019 (5th ASDS). Due to COVID19 pandemic, the summit was postponed and will resume in 2023 (6th ASDS) with the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is given the honour to organize it. The 6th ASDS will be held at Putrajaya Malaysia, the “garden city” and the administrative capital of Malaysia. All are invited to participate in this summit.

Objectives of ASDS

Create a strategic research and academic network

Stimulate international mobility activity among universities

Promotion of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Theme of discussion

  • Explore strategic and impactful research collaboration opportunities at the international level

  • Strengthen industry relations and community involvement at local and international levels

  • Identify the collaboration potential in offering academic programs in the field of science and technology between Asia universities

  • Strengthen the teaching and learning climate of science and technology in higher education institutions

Video montage of ASDS2023

Summit Information

Post-event writeup

Putrajaya, July 27, 2023 – The 6th Asian Science Deans Summit 2023 (6th ASDS) was organised by the Faculty of Science and Technology, National University of Malaysia (UKM), in collaboration with the Council of Science and Mathematics Deans Malaysia (MDSM). The summit was chaired by Dean, Prof. ChM. Dr. Ishak Ahmad, and successfully held at the Everly Putrajaya Hotel, Malaysia. The 6th ASDS brought together science deans from various Asian universities annually, with the aim of strengthening cooperation among the institutions. The event gathered 56 participants from 45 universities across 9 Asian countries and took place from July 25 to July 27, 2023.

The theme of this year’s 6th Asian Science Deans Summit (6th ASDS) was “Frontiering Science Through Impactful Collaboration.” It provided participating universities with opportunities to enhance mobility programs and develop networking prospects with existing and new partners throughout Asia.

The conference organizers had planned various activities for the participants. On July 25, 2023, the attendees enjoyed a journey around Putrajaya Lake while witnessing the beauty of the sunset. Additionally, the ASDS delegates were treated to a dinner reception at Bora Ombak, Marina Putrajaya.

The conference was inaugurated successfully on July 26, 2023, by Prof. Dr. Norhamidi Muhamad, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Generation & Infrastructure at UKM. The event also featured Prof. Dr. Swung Han Park, the founder of ASDS from Yonsei University, Korea, who delivered a speech to the conference attendees. The morning session included welcoming remarks by Madam Hazami Hanin, CEO of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, and insightful contributions from prominent Asian science deans. Among the key discussions were views on research collaboration strategies that create impact, industry relations, and high-impact teaching/learning methods.

The GALA dinner was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Bin Kasim, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic & International Affairs at UKM. The GALA dinner celebration featured a variety of delicious dishes and cultural performances representing Malaysia’s diverse ethnic heritage. The event also acknowledged the sponsors of the 6th ASDS, including the Ministry of Higher Education, UKMShape, Biogenes Sdn Bhd, Toyyib Sdn Bhd, and AM Zaideen Venture Sdn Bhd.

This year’s 6th Asian Science Deans Summit (6th ASDS) hopes to achieve its main goal of providing a collaborative platform among science faculties across Asian universities to enhance the quality of education, research, and public engagement in their respective institutions. The 7th ASDS will be held in the Philippines.