Unit Pencirian Bahan SMI FST UKM (Material Characterization Unit): Chemisorption Analyzer Training Course

Unit Pencirian Bahan SMI FST UKM (Material Characterization Unit) at our faculty is pleased to announce the upcoming Chemisorption Analyzer Training Course. This comprehensive training program aims to equip participants with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and proficiency in operating the Chemisorption Analyzer, along with an understanding of the accompanying hardware and software. This article serves as an introduction to the training course, highlighting its key components and benefits.

I. Theory of Chemisorption:
The training course will begin with an in-depth exploration of the theory behind chemisorption. Participants will gain insights into the fundamental principles of chemisorption, including surface interactions, adsorption isotherms, reaction kinetics, and catalyst characterization. Understanding these theoretical concepts is essential for accurate interpretation of data obtained from the Chemisorption Analyzer.

II. Hardware and Instrumentation:
In this training course, participants will have hands-on experience with the Chemisorption Analyzer hardware. They will learn about the different components of the instrument, including the sample cell, gas handling system, temperature control unit, and detectors. The training will cover the proper handling and maintenance of the hardware to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

III. Software Operation and Data Analysis:
The Chemisorption Analyzer is equipped with powerful software for data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. During the training course, participants will be guided on how to navigate the software interface, configure measurement parameters, and perform data analysis. Emphasis will be placed on interpreting adsorption isotherms, calculating surface area, and evaluating kinetic parameters. Participants will gain practical insights into utilizing the software to extract meaningful information from experimental data.

IV. Experimental Procedures and Optimization:
The training course will also focus on experimental procedures and optimization techniques. Participants will learn how to prepare samples, set up experiments, and establish appropriate measurement conditions for different applications. The course will cover strategies for optimizing experimental parameters, ensuring reproducibility, and troubleshooting common issues that may arise during measurements.

V. Applications and Case Studies:
To provide practical context, the training course will showcase various applications of Chemisorption Analyzer in catalyst characterization, surface science, and material research. Case studies highlighting real-world examples will be presented, allowing participants to understand the versatility of the technique and its relevance in different scientific domains.

VI. Certification and Networking Opportunities:
Upon successful completion of the training course, participants will receive a certification from Unit Pencirian Bahan, SMI FST UKM Bangi, acknowledging their proficiency in Chemisorption Analyzer operation and data analysis. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to network with experts in the field and engage in discussions to further enhance their knowledge and exchange ideas.

The Chemisorption Analyzer Training Course organized by Unit Pencirian Bahan at SMI FST UKM Bangi offers a comprehensive learning experience in theory, hardware, and software aspects of chemisorption analysis. Participants will develop the necessary skills to operate the instrument effectively, analyze data accurately, and apply the technique to various scientific applications. By attending this training course, individuals can enhance their technical expertise and contribute to advancements in material characterization and surface science.

For further inquiries, feel free to contact:
Madam Hani Azlin Binti Hussin Shaukat
03-8921 4377 /011-62748384