Institut Biologi Sistem

 Institute of Systems Biology

Metabolomics Lab

Metabolomics laboratory in INBIOSIS offer great equipments and facilities for analyzing and identifying metabollite compounds. This laboratory is under supervison of our experts; Prof. Dr. Syarul Nataqain Baharum & Dr. Low Chen Fei.


Rotary evaporator (Eyela / N-1100S-WD)

To remove solvent/aqueous from sample by evaporation.

Service charge (per run, max: 300ml) : RM 42 (UKM user), RM 50 (Non UKM user)

Soxhlet extractor (Favorit)

To extract lipids from solid material.

Service charge (per day) : RM 51 (UKM user), RM 60 (Non UKM user)

Microplate reader (BioRad / iMark13390)

To detect biological, chemical or physical events of samples in microtiter plates.

Service charge (per plate) : RM 42 (UKM user), RM 50 (Non UKM user)

UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Beckman Coulter / DU730)

To quantitatively determine different analytes.

Service charge (per hour) : RM 17 (UKM user), RM 20 (Non UKM user)

Vacuum concentrator (Christ / RVC2-18/MZ2C)

To evaporate, dry, purify or concentrate sample by rotational vacuum concentrator.

Service charge (per hour) : RM 10 (UKM user), RM 20 (Non UKM user)

Freeze dryer (Christ / RVC2-18/MZ2C)

To dry sample using freeze dry technique.

Service charge (per sample, max: 30ml) : RM 32 (INBIOSIS user), RM 34 (UKM user), RM 40 (Non UKM user)

PIC : Syahmi Afiq Mustaza (+603 8921 4566 /

Nitrogen evaporator (Sastec / ST-NES12)

To dry and evaporate using nitrogen with heat (wet bath).

Service charge (per run) : RM 42 (UKM user), RM 50 (Non UKM user)

Flash chromatography self-packed column (Customized)

Enable sample separation in a series of fractions based on solvent eluent.

Service charge (per day) : RM 68 (UKM user), RM 80 (Non UKM user)

Hydro-distillation (Favorit)

To obtain essential oil from plant/sample.

Service charge (per day) : RM 25 (UKM user), RM 50 (Non UKM user)

Radial chromatography (Chromatotron / 7924T/00081)

To separate and isolate chemical mixtures.

Service charge (per day) : RM 68 (UKM user), RM 80 (Non UKM user)

Incubator shaker (Sastec / ST-H2Q-X500C)

Provide agitation for optimal cell growth.

Service charge (per day) : RM 102 (UKM user), RM 120 (Non UKM user)

SIMCA-P+ software (Umetrics)

To interpret complex chemical analysis dataset.

Service charge (per day) : RM 51 (UKM user), RM 60 (Non UKM user)

Biosafety Cabinet Class 1 & 2 (Bioair/Top Safe)

To provide safe workspace for researchers working with pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level.

Service Charges (Per day) : RM 127 (UKM members), RM150 (Non UKM members)

Laminar Flow Cabinet (Esco/AVC-4A1)

Enclosed bench designed to prevent contamination of biological samples.

Service Charges (Per day) : RM102 (UKM members), RM120 (Non UKM members)

Metabolomics Laboratory (including all equipments)

Rental rate (per day) : RM 425 (UKM user), RM 500 (Non UKM user)


Ts. ChM. Hazim Syahmi Elias

Science Officer / Metabolomics Lab PIC

+603 8921 4566

Nur Hazirah Mohd Johari

Lab Assistant

+603 8921 4566