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CODA – Genomics, Transcriptomics & Metagenomics

Genomics is the study of genomes, that is the complete set of DNA in an organism. The DNA encodes the genes that have its own function. Studying the genomes enable the researchers to better understand how genes interact with each other and gene variations that cause diseases.  

While the approach to study transcriptome, which is the entire set of RNA transcripts in an organism is called Transcriptomics. The study of transcriptome involves everything relating to RNAs including expression levels, gene regulation and gene interactions.

Metagenomics is the study of the structure and function of entire nucleotide sequences isolated and analyzed from all the organisms (typically microbes) in a bulk sample. Metagenomics is often used to study a specific community of microorganisms, such as those residing on human skin, in the soil or in a water sample (National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH;

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high throughput sequencing technology that allows sequencing of DNA and RNA using different modern sequencing technologies. The example of this modern sequencing technologies include Illumina sequencing, Ion Torrent and 454 sequencing. This more cheaply and quickly technologies allow researcher to do revolutionary studies of genomics and transcriptomics. 

CODA Genomics, Transcriptomics & Metagenomics provides data analysis that starts from processing of raw data, assembly (referenced or de novo), functional annotation, differentially expressed gene (DEG) analysis for transcriptomics data, taxonomic profiling & visualization and binning for metagenomics data, as well as various downstream functional analyses to help users in comprehending the biological meaning from expression results.



Genome / Transcriptome / Metagenome analysis
– Pre-processing of raw data
– Genome / Transcriptome / metagenome assembly (Referenced / de novo)
– Differential Expression analysis (Transcriptome)
– Taxanomic profiling & visualization (Metagenome)
– Binning (Metagenome)
– Functional Annotation
– Downstream analysis (Example : Molecular marker prediction; SNP/SSR)
RM 200 / 5 Gbp raw sequence data
​#Not inclusive of instrumental analytical services, subject to change according to customer needs.



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Plant Tissue Culture and Functional Genomics

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