INBIOSIS Webinar Series is organized to provide an interactive scientific discourse session where we are hosting esteemed speakers to share their insights and expertise in a range of interesting topics from fundamental studies to lab-to-market product development. Started in late 2020, the Webinar Series has brought about a new platform and opportunity for everyone connected to INBIOSIS UKM to learn fascinating R&D development and current research trends by local and international researchers in the fields of molecular biology and biotechnology.

1.14/01/2022 Dari Proteomik ke Karier-omik: Tip Membina Kerjaya Sebagai Penyelidik MudaProf. Madya. Dr. Wan Mohd Aizat Wan Kamaruddin INBIOSIS, UKMProf. Zeti Azura Mohamed HusseinPhotosYoutube
2.21/01/2022Osteoprotective Effects Of Green And Black Tea Polyphenols On Tnfα Induced Inflammation In
Bone Cells
Prof. Dr. Gabrielle R.A. Froemming
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)Dr. Murni Nazira SarianPhotos-
3.25/02/2022Understanding of Structure-Function Relation to Enhance Industrial Enzymes - Selected Examples: Dehalogenase (DehE) & Lipase 42Prof. Ts. Dr. Tengku Haziyamin Tengku Abdul HamidInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuantan CampusDr. Nor Azlan Nor MuhammadPhotosYoutube
4.11/03/2022Metabolomics: An Emerging Technology for Sustainable AgricultureProf. Madya Dr. Syarul Nataqain BaharumINBIOSIS, UKMDr. Murni Nazira SarianPhotosYoutube
5.18/03/2022Rare Disease Genomics: Challenges And MythsDr. Prashanth N. SuravajhalaAmrita School of Biotechnology, IndiaDr. Sarahani HarunPhotosYoutube
6.25/03/2022Insects: The Drivers of Decomposition Ecology and its Industrial ApplicationsMr. Rezuwan ZakariaNutrition Technologies Sdn. Bhd.Dr. Hamizah Shahirah HamezahPhotosYoutube
7.15/04/2022Resistance Nodulation Cell Division Multidrug Efflux Pump as a Mean of Antibiotic Resistance in Gram-negative Pathogens Prof. Dr. Tam Heng KeatUniversity of South China, China
Prof. Madya Dr. Ng Chyan LeongPhotosYoutube
8.22/4/2022Penulisan Jurnal Berimpak Tinggi: Mendepani Cabaran, Merealisasikan ImpianProf. Madya Dr. Maizom HassanINBIOSIS, UKMDr. Nurkhalida KamalPhotosYoutube
9.13/5/2022Tropical Plant Functional Genomics: From Panomics to Translational ApplicationsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Goh Hoe Han INBIOSIS, UKMDr. Emelda Rosseleena RohaniPhotosYoutube
10.27/5/2022Recent Advances on the Application of Metabolomics for Quality Improvement of Important Agricultural ProductsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Sastia Prama PutriOsaka UniversityDr. Nurkhalida Kamal PhotosYoutube
11.10/6/2022Structure-guided Mutagenesis and Functional Studies of House Mite Allergen and Sesquiterpene SynthaseAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Chyan LeongINBIOSIS, UKMDr. Nisha T. GovenderPhotosYoutube
12.24/6/2022Metabolomics for Biomarker Discovery: Key Signatory Metabolite Profiles for the Identification and Discrimination of Plants and MicroorganismsChM. Dr. Kamalrul Azlan AzizanINBIOSIS, UKMDr. Nurkhalida Kamal Youtube