INBIOSIS Webinar Series is organized to provide an interactive scientific discourse session where we are hosting esteemed speakers to share their insights and expertise in a range of interesting topics from fundamental studies to lab-to-market product development. Started in late 2020, the Webinar Series has brought about a new platform and opportunity for everyone connected to INBIOSIS UKM to learn fascinating R&D development and current research trends by local and international researchers in the fields of molecular biology and biotechnology.

1.14/1/2022 Dari Proteomik ke Karier-omik: Tip Membina Kerjaya Sebagai Penyelidik MudaProf. Madya Dr. Wan Mohd Aizat Wan Kamaruddin INBIOSIS, UKMProf. Zeti Azura Mohamed HusseinPhotosYoutube