Institut Biologi Sistem

 Institute of Systems Biology


INBIOSIS Webinar Series is organized to provide an interactive scientific discourse session where we are hosting esteemed speakers to share their insights and expertise in a range of interesting topics from fundamental studies to lab-to-market product development. Started in late 2020, the Webinar Series has brought about a new platform and opportunity for everyone connected to INBIOSIS UKM to learn fascinating R&D development and current research trends by local and international researchers in the fields of molecular biology and biotechnology.

1.IHSLS1_202418.01.2024𝐓𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞 : Harnessing bioactive molecules from fungi for medical and agricultural applications
𝐓𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞 : Discovery of bioactive natural products through microbial genome mining
Dr. Fabrizio Alberti & Dr. Lijiang SongUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomAssoc. Prof. Dr. Hamidun BunawanPhotos-SDG3 & SDG15
2.IHLS2_202407.02.2024Looking for needles in a haystack: protein crystallization strategies for a drug-discovery programDr. Terese BergforsUppsala University, SwedenAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Chyan LeongPhotos-SDG3
3.IMNPS1_202416.02.2024The Journey from Herbal Research to Registration and Commercialization in MalaysiaProf. Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Jantan (INBIOSIS UKM), En. Abdul Razak Mohd Isa (Medika Natura Sdn Bhd), Pn. Nurul Azeera Hasnan (NPRA)INBIOSIS UKM, Medika Natura Sdn Bhd, NPRATs. ChM. Dr. Mohamad Shazeli Che Zain (USM)PhotosYoutubeSDG3 & SDG15