Institut Biologi Sistem

 Institute of Systems Biology

Proteomics Lab

The Proteomics Laboratory in INBIOSIS is equipped with instruments for protein and nucleic acid analyses, engaged by students and graduate researchers under guidance of experts in the realm of proteomics; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Mohd Aizat Wan Kamaruddin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maizom Hassan and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Chyan Leong.


Densitometer (BioRad / GS800)

To scan and analyze 1D/2D.

Service charge (per day) : RM 12.50 (UKM Members), RM 25 (Non UKM members)

Electrophoresis unit (1D)

BioRad / Mini Protean 3 cell; BioRad / Mini Protean Tetracell; Atto / AE-6500 Dual Mini Slab

To separate protein with moderate resolution.

Service charge (per run) : RM 25 (UKM Members), RM 50 (Non UKM members)

Vacuum heated gel dryer (Cleaver Scientific / OMNI)

To heat and dry gel at controlled temperature and time.

Service charge (per run) : RM 15 (UKM Members), RM 30 (Non UKM members)

Ultrasonic bath (Elma / ElmaSonic S30H)

To clean glassware.

Service charge (per run) : RM 5 (UKM Members), RM 10 (Non UKM members)

Crystallization incubator (18-20 °C chiller) (HI-TEN / DEI/DEI625E)

To incubate crystals obtained.

Service charge (per run) : RM 5 (UKM Members), RM 10 (Non UKM members)

Stereo microscope (trinocular) (Olympus / SZ61)

To analyze sample at low magnificient with light reflection on the surface of sample with a built in c-mount optically matched to the zoom body.

Service charge (per run) : RM 10 (UKM Members), RM 20 (Non UKM members)

Sonicator (Q-Sonica / Q500-220)

To agitate particles in a sample by applying sound energy.

Service charge (per run) : RM 7.50 (UKM Members), RM 15 (Non UKM members)

Fast Performance Liquid Chromatography (GE Healthcare / Akta Pure and Akta Purifier)

To purify and isolate desired protein.

Service charge :

Proteomics Laboratory (include all equipments)

Rental rate (per day) : RM 250 (UKM Members), RM 500 (Non UKM members)


Munirah Mahizan

Science Officer / Proteomics, Cell culture & Microscopy Lab PIC

+603 8921 4558

Rohana Mahayadin

Assistant Science Officer / Proteomics Lab PIC / Incident Officer (Ground Floor)

+603 8921 4566