Institut Biologi Sistem

 Institute of Systems Biology

Genomics & Transcriptomics

Genomics is a study of the function and structure of genome, which comprise the complete set of all genes, regulatory sequences and noncoding regions within an organism’s DNA. This discipline in genetics relies heavily on sequencing and bioinformatics approach to sequence, assemble and analyse all the gene coding and noncoding sequences and how these genetics components interact to produce an organism and all its functions.

Transcriptomics is the study of the transcriptome – the complete set of RNA transcripts (including mRNA, rRNA, tRNA and other non coding RNA that are produced by the genome, under specific circumstances or in a specific cell – using high throughput methods. Both fields rely heavily on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.

Functional Genomics is a field of molecular biology that integrates genomic and transcriptomic data to describe gene and protein functions and interactions. Functional genomics focuses on the dynamic regulation of gene expression and protein-protein interactions, to elucidate DNA function at the level of genes, transcripts and proteins in a genome-wide approach.