Institut Biologi Sistem

 Institute of Systems Biology

Research Focus

Research at INBIOSIS focuses on:

  • A holistic understanding of gene networks in plants and microbes using systems biology approach.

  • Molecular exploration of tropical biodiversity and sustainability for the discovery of new genes and biomolecules.

  • Application of transgenic technologies for crop improvement and production of new biomolecules.

  • Development and applications of computational biology in the study of the structure and pathway of protein, families and networks in plant and microbial systems.

  • Current research on selected plant and microbial systems involves the exploration of genes and gene networks in the synthesis and production of plant secondary metabolites. Most of these secondary metabolites are known (and widely used) for their beneficial effects on human bodily function.

  • It would be invaluable to gain a deeper understanding of secondary metabolite production and, ultimately, to be able to engineer modifications for boosting plant production of these useful secondary metabolites. A future Translational Research Centre has been envisioned to support potential commercialisation of research findings.