Institut Biologi Sistem

 Institute of Systems Biology

PC2-Certified Greenhouse (RTPC2)


The complex consists of two greenhouses of 6.5 x 8.0 m2 and 8.0 x 8.0 m2 in area and provides 6.5 x 1.4 m2 and 6.5 x 1.0 m2 of plant growth space. These greenhouses are air-conditioned with cooling system, equipped with motorised thermal screen, monitoring control system (temperature and humidity) and automated irrigation system. The walls and roofs are twin-walled polycarbonate glazed.

RTPC2 Features

  • Greenhouse 1 (GH 1): 5 units of benches with space of 6.5 x 1.0 m2
  • Greenhouse 2 (GH2): 3 units of benches with space of 6.5 x 1.4 m2
  • Environmental Control System: Humidification system, motorized thermal screen, cooling system, monitoring system
  • Hydraulic services: irrigation system, sewer, drainage water collection and disinfection
  • Security system based on thumbprint readings
  • Safety facilities: emergency shower, eye-wash and fire extinguisher

CHARGES (per month)

BenchGH 1GH 2
INBIOSIS MembersRM 200RM 800RM 500
UKM MembersRM 200RM 800RM 500
Non UKM MembersRM 250RM 900RM 600


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Siti Fatimah Mohd Mokhtar

Senior Science Officer / RTPC2 Manager / Incident Officer

+603 8921 4558/4566