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Innovation Research Exhibition (IREx) is specially organized by Persatuan Siswazah INBIOSIS (PSAI). This program provides an opportunity for elementary, middle school, college, and undergraduate students to present the results of research innovation to a jury from a higher education institution. Building on our inaugural IREx held last year, we are expanding activities with wider audience engagement this year to maximise the benefits of innovation for everyone involved. This aims to expose participants and visitors to science and technology innovations applied in everyday life as an outreach activity to promote STEM.

Why Join IREx ?

  • Discover the latest insights on research driven innovations by young researchers.

  • Connect with the research community and establish a long lasting professional network.

  • Unleash your creativity in a dynamic setting, collaborate with peers, and upskill science communication.

Objectives :

  1. To develop student's interest in research and innovation.

  2. To refine their presentation skills in the realm of research and innovation.

  3. To expand students' connections within the research community for a long lasting professional network.

Young Leaders, Green Futures






Green Innovation

Education Innovation

Electrical & Electronic

Computational Innovation


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