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 Institute of Systems Biology

List of Workshops

INBIOSIS workshop series throughout the year 2023

Introduction to Systems Biology and Omics Data : 13-15 June 2023

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Real time PCR hands on Workshop : 27 June 2023

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Perseus-Powered Transcriptomics: Omics Insights Made Easy : 25-27 July 2023

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NGS Informatics: From Raw Reads to Biological Annotations : 8-10 August 2023

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Pathway Construction and Network Analysis Workshop : 19-21 September 2023

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Metabolomics Data Mining : 2-6 October 2023

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Introduction to Proteomics Analysis : 7-9 November 2023

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Unraveling biological processes and networks leading towards exciting discoveries

List of Speakers and Trainers

The INBIOSIS Workshop Series 2023 features expert speakers and trainers.

Prof. Dr. Zeti Azura Mohamed Hussein"
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Chyan Leong"
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maizom Hassan"
Ts. Dr. Nor Azlan Nor Muhammad"
ChM. Dr. Kamalrul Azlan Azizan"
Dr. Sarahani Harun"
ChM. Dr. Nurkhalida Kamal"
Dr. Hamizah Shahirah Hamezah"
Dr. Nisha Thopla Govender"
Dr. Ahmed Mediani"
Dr. Emelda Rosselena Rohani"
Dr. Low Chen Fei"

Previous Workshops

Pictures from our previously organized workshops

Transcriptomics: Concept & Practice
Microbial Synthetic Biology Workshop

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