Assessment of Sustainability Literacy and Knowledge

STRATEGI-UKM, along with School of Liberal Studies lecturers, has developed a tool to assess sustainability literacy and knowledge among UKM fellows.

This quick assessment contains multiple-choice questions and Likert scale to gauge your understanding, opinions, attitudes and behaviours that relate to sustainability concepts. This assessment tool consists of 4 sections and is available in English and Malay.

  • Section A : DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION (5 items)
  • Section B : SUSTAINABILITY KNOWLEDGE (13 items)
  • Section C : SUSTAINABILITY ATTITUDE (11 items)
  • Section D : SUSTAINABILITY BEHAVIOUR (14 items)

By participating, you’ll gain valuable insights into your own knowledge and contribute to a broader understanding of sustainability within and outside UKM. Take this assessment and discover ways to lead the charge towards ‘Cultivating The Sustainability for the Future’. 

Thank you for your participation and good luck!


Items for Knowledge and Attitude Constructs are adapted from Zwickle and Jones (2018) and items for Behavior Construct are newly constructed.

Click HERE – Assessment of Sustainability Literacy and Knowledge