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Number of sustainability-related startups

There are three companies that are initiated and managed by UKM, one corporate entity under UKM manages the consultation projects, in which the consultants involve UKM researchers and twenty two commercialized products from UKM have been licensed by the companies that are willing to finance these products. 

AiRSYNC – An autonomous ‘Early Warning System’ for Air Pollution and Noise monitoring

Name of company: DeriaLAH Sdn. Bhd.

Air quality (AQ) is an important matter that any government needs to manage and control. The increased level of air pollutants will affect human health such as respiratory and skin problems. According to data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution and poor air quality result in 5.5 million unnecessary deaths in an average year. Poor air quality can cause by anthropogenic and biogenic activities such as industrial-vehicles (anthropogenic) and extreme heat (biogenic). The reactions between different sources of emissions can lead to the production of secondary pollutants such as secondary organic aerosol (SOA) which contribute to climate change. 

This project directly addresses two of the 2030 Agenda’s Global Goals, namely Good Health and Well-being, and Sustainable Cities and Communities. Indirectly it addresses several others, namely Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, and Life on Land. In Asia, existing AQ monitoring stations at national levels are undertaken using networks of static pollution monitoring sites which due to their cost, size and logistical requirements tend to be relatively sparse. The use of the emerging, cost-effective technologies proposed here would greatly enhance the existing AQ measurement programs. An emerging and important opportunity globally is how to merge emerging low-cost air quality sensing (LAQS) technologies using the internet of things (IoT) with existing high-resolution networks. Studies are needed to establish the scales (time and space) of measurements needed to fundamentally understand the distributions of pollutants in and around various types of areas. 

The use of LAQS proposed here would greatly enhance the existing AQ measurement programmes in Malaysia, and The South East Asian region. Nevertheless, with the assistance of the use of machine learning and WRF CMAQ dispersion model in predicting AQ from the sensor network data is paving a pathway for future AQ predicting tools.

Malaysia Geothermal Solutions

Name of company: Geothermal Resources Sdn. Bhd

The Geothermal Plant – a green-coolant energy generating icon for sustainable living – is designed to provide 5% of the energy for in Malayisa 30% target for renewable energy in 2030 and net zero carbon in 2050. Any Geothermal development puts a high demand on drilling equipment, with an average of more than 500 meters drilled by a single rig. We will work with Seismic  and geothermal exploration company that offer your deep drilling rig for up to 12 months to get it ready for Geothermal plants

Geothermal power plants account for just 1% of global renewable electric power, leaving a vast potential for growth. Yet developers lack the knowledge and understanding of the right process to develop these plants. We offer a turnkey geothermal plant development service that provides an end-to-end solution with oversight, help to find needed property, support with permitting requirements and permitting services. This can be done through seismic studies and drilling programs that include linking to other grids and strong distribution capabilities. We have decades of experience.

Oil Spill Response

Name of company: MyNFT Sdn Bhd

The information system for detecting oil spills and chemical waste was developed to ascertain the cause and trajectory of oil spills and chemical waste in the sea so that the responsible party can take action and prosecute the relevant perpetrators. To curb this issue, a web-based system to track these oil spills and spill trajectories has been developed. The system will notify users of new spill locations to assist cleanup crews to ensure the incident is resolved as quickly as possible.

Income Generation by Field

UKM, as a research university, consistently promotes the acquisition of research grants by its academic staff from government, industry, and international organizations. Furthermore, researchers are strongly encouraged to actively engage in consulting projects, establishing themselves as experts in consultancy at both national and international levels.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is dedicated to transforming teaching to ensure academics apply innovative and futuristic teaching to produce graduates who skilled. UKM also leading and leading towards innovative educators through planning, curriculum learning and the implementation of advanced teaching and learning programs.



Pusat Inovasi & Pemindahan Teknologi (formerly known as Pusat Inovasi Kolaboratif (PIK)) – INOVASI@UKM™ was officially launched by Y.B. Datuk Seri Dr. Maximus Ongkili on the 22nd of February 2010, during his visit to UKM for the “UKM Year of Innovation and Creativity” launching.

INOVASI@UKM™ functions as the main driving force in the innovation ecosystem in UKM.  Every affair in relation to UKM intellectual property, technology transfer and commercialisation are systematically and integrated managed by INOVASI@UKM™.


MRANTI Innovation and Technology Essentials

A total of four INOVASI@UKM officers who are also the Secretariat of the PEMULA@UKM Program and two participants of the PEMULA@UKM Program namely Associate Prof Dr. Rizafizah Othaman (Chem Sci Sdn. Bhd) and Dr. Sazlina Kamaralzaman (Jom Makcik Sdn. Bhd) has participated in the MRANTI Innovation and Technology Essentials program organized by the MRANTI Ecosystem Development Unit on August 1, 2023 to August 3, 2023, located at MENARA JLAND, Johor Bahru, Johor.

This program aims to provide a unique idea production experience where participants will have the opportunity to work as a team towards problem solving through the creation of innovations based on the latest technology. Apart from that, participants will also gain benefits such as improving communication skills, expanding their network of relationships and deepening their technological knowledge.


UKM Product Exhibition in conjunction with the Visit of YB Minister of Higher Education to UKM

UKM Product Exhibition in conjunction with the Visit of YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin, Minister of Higher Education to UKM. This exhibition has featured several UKM research products and technologies to be shown to YB Minister of Higher Education.

Among the products and technologies on display are Chippie choc cookies, Peritocare, Sepsidot, Myb Prosthetic Limb, Magic Toys Tiny Fingers and Innoqibla.



UKM ACE (Accelarating Commercialisation Exchange) is online platform connecting Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) products and technology



The Center for Entrepreneurship Development and EKS (UKM-CESMED) was established in October 2010 as a leader in entrepreneurship at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). This center was inaugurated on 31 January 2011 by the Honorable Dato’ Seri Khaled bin Nordin who was the Minister of Higher Education at that time.

UKM-CESMED was created to be a center of entrepreneurial excellence that combines education and development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises at UKM. The center operates in a good ecosystem by involving student clubs, residential colleges, faculties and study centers in joint entrepreneurial activities. The main focus is academic credit courses offered to pre-graduate and graduate students as well as entrepreneurship programs involving UKM students, lecturers, researchers and staff.

UKM-CESMED has established close cooperation with ministries, various agencies and industries in developing learning and teaching in the field of entrepreneurship such as the Ministry of Higher Education (KPT), the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC), the Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), SME Corporation (SME Corp.), CELCOM, Isoveritas Sdn. Bhd., IM Possible Solutions Sdn. Bhd., Meeka Intl Sdn. Bhd., Return Legacy Group and Universitas Muhammadiyah North Sumatra (UMSU), Indonesia.